DeSantis Responds to Latest Trump Indictment – ‘We Are Going to End The Weaponization’ of Gov’t

Governor Ron DeSantis responded Tuesday to the latest indictment of former President Donald Trump, condemning the “weaponization” of government and pledging to bring “major accountability” if elected to the White House. In a video posted by the DeSantis War Room, the Governor criticized out-of-control crime in Georgia–where Trump and 18 others have been indicted–and called out a two-tier justice system that cuts criminals loose and punishes political activity.

“I will tell you, Atlanta has huge problems with crime right now. And there has been an approach to crime which has been less than exacting. I think there have been criminals that have been let out that shouldn’t have been let out,” DeSantis said.

“And so they’re now doing an inordinate amount of resources to try to shoehorn this contest over the 2020 election into a RICO statute, which was really designed to be able to go after organized crime, not necessarily to go after political activity. And so, I think it’s an example of this criminalization of politics.”

The latest charges mark the fourth time the former President has been criminally indicted in the past five months. The charges, which include violation of the RICO Act, stem from the Georgia grand jury probe into alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Eighteen other associates of the former President were also charged, including his former attorneys Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell, Jeff Clark, and John Eastman.

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“I don’t think that this is something that’s good for the country,” DeSantis continued.

“But I think a lot of Republican voters are looking at some of the things that have happened, whether it’s the Department of Justice, whether it is some of the things that have happened locally, and I think the question is, okay, ‘what are we going to do about it?’ And I’ve already said, as president, we are going to end the weaponization of federal agencies like the DOJ and FBI.”

DeSantis added that he plans on bringing in “new leadership” to the Department of Justice if elected President, promising to “make sure that there’s a single standard of justice in this country.” The Governor referenced his work restoring law and order in Florida, including removing State Attorneys Andrew Warren and Monique Worrell for refusing to enforce the law.

“Now, in terms of some of these local DAs: in Florida, we’ve actually suspended two — one in Tampa and one in Orlando — over the last year for failure to follow their duties and responsibilities. And as President, we will lean in against some of these local prosecutors if they are not following the law or if they are abandoning their duty to enforce the law evenly.”

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“For me, at the end of the day, it’s about ‘let’s get this country in a good direction,'” DeSantis added. “We need to have confidence in our justice system again, but before we get there, we need major, major accountability.”

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