DeSantis’ Press Secretary explains why Florida is so successful… and why the left can’t stand it

“They hate us cause they ain’t us” has become a common rallying cry for the DeSantis administration and Republicans in Florida as they turn it into a model conservative state.

Whether it is Florida’s Covid-19 policy, its education policy, or its economic policy, the numbers don’t lie.

Florida was the seventh fastest-growing state in the Union in 2021, gaining almost half a million new residents as people flee from failed states like California and New York.

Seven out of ten states with the highest population growth have Republican Governors.

If people truly vote with their feet, Republicans are winning overwhelmingly.

Ron Desantis’ Press Secretary, Bryan Griffin, explained why Florida and states that adopt conservative policy were able to weather the storm of the Covid-19 pandemic and why they are so successful.  He also explained why liberals resent Republican state’s success so much.

Griffin began by addressing critics who would call Florida’s policies “backwards” or “upside down”, saying that the policies they have pushed through in the last few years have been unsuccessful.

Griffin then pointed out that Florida under DeSantis has a quick ‘post-Covid’ recovery despite its lax policies on mask mandates and shutting down schools and businesses.  Liberals were bewildered at this success.

In April, the New York Times conducted a survey of 362 school counselors to see how the school closures and restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic affected children in schools.  An overwhelming number of school counselors said that their students were negatively affected by Covid-19 restrictions in schools.

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A stunning 94 percent of school counselors surveyed said that their students showed more anxiety and depression than they showed before the pandemic.

DeSantis has also led the way in opposing the left’s woke initiatives, from the Parental Rights in Education Bill to his refusal to let left-wing corporations like Disney dictate the state’s policies.

Griffin once again said that Florida is comfortable “standing alone” in that regard if it has to.

Griffin ended his statement by saying that the left can only look at Florida’s success through the ‘dismal lens’ of its own failures.  Certainly, Florida is a ‘different world’ altogether to its liberal opponents.

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