DeSantis Press Secretary Bryan Griffin Resigns, Expected to Head Campaign Comms

At about 1:30 PM today, Governor Ron DeSantis’ Press Secretary, Bryan Griffin, announced his resignation on Twitter and posted his resignation letter.

Shortly before that, Fox News reported Griffin’s resignation. Griffin is a popular defender of DeSantis and his policies on Twitter, often shredding legacy media reporters and their attacks.

Although no official announcement has been made, DeSantis is expected to announce his candidacy for President this week, possibly as soon as tomorrow.

Griffin praised DeSantis for being a real conservative saying,

I have seen Governor DeSantis presented with many choices over my tenure, and I can confidently say he consistently chose to do what was right.

Bryan Griffin

Governor DeSantis is a true and principled conservative, and has assembled a team of true conservatives around him. Because Governor Desantis ensures that the people around him understand and personally hold the principles and values he leads by, he ensures the success of his objectives

In his letter, Griffin listed some of the governor’s accomplishments.

  • Florida has rejected politicized education. In Florida, K-12 education and institutions of public higher learning willdefinitively be base<! on academics and truth. Notably, Florida’s K-12 education also now emphasizes civics, which may be the most important ingredient to the revival of patriotism, brotherhood, and compassion in this country. These things have made Florida the nation’s leader in education
  • Florida has unapologetically stood for families, parents, and children. And because of this, Florida has become the nation’s optimal destination to live, have a family, and raise children who will be safe from both physical harm and nefarious radicalization.
  • Florida has built Itself into a bulwark against government overreach by legislatively prohibiting the newest frontiers of undemocratic behavioral control, including ESG, central bank digital currencies, and the DEi bureaucracy.
  • Florida answered the call of the needs of those impacted by Hurricane Ian and other unforeseeable disasters with earnest commitment and intent, and in doing so showed the nation that our country can still accomplish great things by rebuilding the Pine Island Bridge and Sanibel Causeway in record time to help stranded residents.
  • Florida has refused to accept the ideological capture of its institutions and has systematically battled the entrenched ideologues to wrest back the control of academia, enterprise, and the healthcare industry and return it to the people.
  • Finally, Florida’s example under Governor DeSantis during and after COVID in rejecting power grabs and falsehoods served as the impetus that turned the tide and pushed our country back towards freedom and sanity. Without Florida and without Governor Desantis, the courage to stand up, fight back, and speak truth against the establishment narrative might not have prevailed within our nation for years.

Griffin’s resignation letter

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