DeSantis Praises Judge’s Decision Ruling Against Biden Migration Policy-’Biden Has Been Violating the Law’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, R., joined Maria Bartimoro on Fox News Sunday Morning Futures to discuss various topics, including a federal judge siding with Florida and against the Biden administration on a migrant policy.

US District Judge T. Kent Wetherell in Tallahassee, Florida, said on Wednesday that the new parole-like Biden program that released migrants into the US interior while still being processed would have “effectively turned the Southwest Border into a meaningless line in the sand and little more than a speedbump for aliens flooding into the country.”


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In the interview, DeSantis agreed with the judge’s ruling, which declared the Biden program unlawful.


“Well, what the ruling basically says is that Joe Biden has been violating the law, his oath of office, and the constitution. They are using this idea of parole and they are converting it into a way to nullify our immigration laws. That’s one of the reasons you’ve had millions and millions of people illegally pour across the border, Biden then paroles them then they get released into our communities.”

DeSantis also noted the Biden administration’s failure to provide the Coast guard enough resources to deal with immigration to Florida from Cuba and other islands off its coast.


“Florida has had to deal with it, but I’ll tell you Maria we also have to deal with boats coming from Haiti and Cuba. The coast guard does a great job but Biden doesn’t give them enough resources. So we’re actually under a state of emergency for Florida in the Florida Keys area. I’ve surged state resources we’ve been able to bring those boats to a trickle, we haven’t seen as many…. We, I think in this court case, are really leaning in and I think this is going to have national implications because this should apply nationwide and should force them to have to change their policy.”

Desantis may be right about the national implications. In his decision, Wetherell noted that the rationale for this case is not unique and that “the Court sees no jurisdictional or prudential reason why it should not exercise its duty to ‘say what the law is’ in this case and then let the political chips fall where they may.”

The DeSantis interview also covered the recent failure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). The Governor speculated that political concerns like DEI may have distracted the organization from its core mission. He also took shots at the federal bureaucracy for similarly missing warning signs to the 2008 Financial Crisis, saying, “they always seem to whiff when it counts.”

DeSantis was also asked if his recent visit to the critical state of Iowa as part of his book tour was a first indication of a presidential run, which DeSantis deflected.

“It’s a first indication that we’ve got a great book that people are buying. We’ve got a lot of interest.”

DeSantis continued praising Iowas governance but did not outright deny that he’s gearing up for a presidential run, which is now all but confirmed.

Florida Federal Judge Rules Biden Parole Program for Migrants Unlawful

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