DeSantis PAC Smacks Disney Loving Publisher as Bought by ‘Groomers’

Never Back Down, a super PAC supporting the DeSantis presidential campaign, called out a publisher for supporting a company encouraging Disney’s woke nonsense.

Disney, amusingly known as the ‘happiest place on Earth,’ was recently endorsed by Peter Schorsch, the publisher of

This all started when the DeSantis super PAC tweeted a video of DeSantis speaking to supporters at The Faith and Freedom Coalition. There, he called out the frontrunner of the GOP presidential race by saying:

The sad thing [is], a lot of these Republicans are siding with Disney, and they’re attacking me! And here’s what I will say: We oppose the sexualization of children. We will do battle with anyone who seeks to rob our children of their innocence, and on those principles, there will be no compromise. We will fight the Woke Corporations!

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Schorsch replied to this tweet, writing that he ‘just [wanted] to share the door decor from our [Disney Cruise] we are embarking on this weekend.’ He continued, ‘ It celebrates the 25th anniversary of the cruise line,’ before adding, ‘We booked this cruise to celebrate that anniversary AND to spite [DeSantis]’s lunacy with his war on [Disney].’ 

Upon seeing this tweet, the super PAC responded with a zinger of their own, claiming that Schorsch was being ‘bought and paid for by the groomers and Trump.’

This tweet followed up with a firestorm of replies, with one user posting a picture of a poll showing that a majority of voters support DeSantis’s attempt to limit Disney’s autonomy. The tweet caption was ‘Disney Simps hardest hit.’

On the original response tweet from Schorsch, one user managed to get a response from Schorsch, saying in a sarcastic way that the publisher should take his kids to ‘Guess my gender’ circle time.

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The flustered publisher then responded to the user, stating that this post was ‘ridiculous’  and that the cruise was ‘all positive vibes.’

You could not be more ridiculous. 1000 families on this ship. All positive vibes. If you have kids I feel sorry for them; if you don’t, STFU. – @PeterSchorschFL on Twitter.

The user then replied that they ‘choose not to’ be ridiculous and that they do not take their kids on a vacation to ‘spite the Governor.’

I could be more ridiculous if I tried. I choose not to. Don’t worry about my kids. I don’t take them on vacation to “spite the Governor.” That’s because I put my kids FIRST- not my politics. – @TBerlaga on Twitter.

Another user declared that they felt sorry for the kid of the publisher, adding that ‘looking back on what you are in the future [the child] will be ashamed.’

One user went as far as to declare that Schorsch is a ‘groomer’ and that he should enjoy his Bud Light since he is a ‘sellout.’

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