DeSantis On Disney-‘They Do Not Run the State of Florida’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis blasted the left-wing Walt Disney Company at a recent Wisconsin speech: “We run the state of Florida. They do not run the state of Florida.” The Florida Governor, alleged to be preparing a presidential campaign, received jubilant applause from the Wisconsin crowd.

DeSantis took the speaking opportunity to highlight some of his legislative and electoral victories over the last six years, saying that “Republicans have had a series of disappointing election results… across the country,” before continuing to say that his landslide 2022 victory and his legislative accomplishments were proof that “Republicans can win again.”

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The statement seemed to reference his own “electability” and Trump’s supposed lack of it – a phenomenon that has been a rallying point for right-leaning moderates around DeSantis.

“Florida is the place where our shared ideas and our shared values actually become political reality… in Florida we deliver big victories every single day.” ~ Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

DeSantis’s feud with multibillion-dollar entertainment conglomerate Disney has been one of the distinguishing characteristics of his governorship – and as both sides invest more money and time, the prestige payoff for victory could make or break Ron DeSantis’s ability to win the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

Armed with an iron will and millions of dollars from donors, the Florida governor seems determined to crush Disney at any cost. Speaking on the matter, the alleged 2024 hopeful said,

“They are no longer permitted to govern themselves in the state of Florida. They are going to be held accountable. And there’s a new sheriff in town.”

The entertainment giant has offered stiff resistance but continues to be pushed back – from a series of failed lawsuits to the outright revocation of what was essentially corporate self-governance.

The Wisconsin speech in which DeSantis reaffirmed his commitment to fighting Disney was also jam-packed with attacks on political adversaries and bragging lines for his popular governance over Florida.

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Despite Disney’s objections to bills like the “Don’t say gay” bill, the Florida governor has continued to wage war against the left-wing mob, much to the avail of his supporters.

“Please don’t ever back down. Please. The majority of this country, no matter what the media is saying, is begging for them to stop, but they won’t leave our children alone.” ~@SeanMcC91092139

Meanwhile, DeSantis’s detractors can be found complaining below every Tweet in which the governor boasts yet another culture war victory. One Twitter respondent was upset over DeSantis’s newly opened front against left-wing colleges and universities.

“More than anything, I think you’re putting a stop to higher education in Florida. Not only will fewer students want to study there, fewer teachers will want to teach there. It’s already started. And we’ll see if these schools retain their accreditation going forward.” ~@edsinnh

Another expressed gratitude to the governor for his tax relief and business-friendly economic policy.

“Thanks Ron, you are part of the reason we will build our winter home in Florida and have our son move there for a brighter future.” ~@JimboAlogo

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