DeSantis: Men Can’t Get Pregnant!

Men can’t get pregnant, and women can. A statement that would have been bedrock reality for all of human history has now created the latest media firestorm around Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.


In a Thursday press conference, DeSantis annoyedly asked if they could agree on that fact, referencing “some of the people in Washington” who “don’t seem to say that”

“ Can we actually agree that women get pregnant and not men? It’s just unbelievable some of the stuff that you’re hearing about that.”

DeSantis is at odds with the Biden Administration on this issue, which has gone so far as to replace the term mothers with “birthing people” in the language of it’s 2022 Budget Proposal, attempting to please it’s woke wing.

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However, DeSantis is not alone; many conservative and even some moderate political figures have refused to go along to get along on this issue. Most recently, Senator Josh Hawley grilled a UC Berkeley professor on the topic, during which the professor called him transphobic and even suggested his line of questioning encouraging violence.  Hawley later told Fox News that modern gender theory is a religion.

This controversy comes amidst many social media platforms censoring and even banning those who deigned to refer to people by biological sex. Suspended accounts include Dr. Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin, both dared to refer to Elliot Page by her biological sex and original, more widely recognized name Ellen Page. All references to the suspensions and to Elliot Page’s transgenderism, in general, are now largely enacted by sarcasm to fly below Twitter’s radar.


DeSantis was beating a similar drum on Wednesday as well. Referencing swimmer Lia Thomas, a transgender male who’s been surrounded by political controversy. “You have a swimmer that swims on the men’s team for three years and then, all of a sudden, says they’re gonna identify as a woman swimmer and swim against the women,” DeSantis said.

“And then they give that [emphasis added] the national championship over these women who’ve been training for a long time. And the second place was actually from Florida, who had won a silver medal in the Olympics. So, she got robbed of a national championship because the NCAA is really trying to make us complicit in something that’s false.”

DeSantis went on to note that proponents of gender theory would attempt to “stifle dissent” and that “they don’t want to have to put their ideas to scrutiny”

“And we know that’s not true and we’re going to be able to say that’s not true. And they don’t want that. They want you to be muzzled.”

The Governor finished the conference by voicing his support for school board candidates who ran on his agenda of “Putting Student First, Protecting Parents’ Rights.

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