DeSantis Hits Biden for ‘Failing’ Our Troops – ‘He Has Empowered the Iranians’

Governor Ron DeSantis hammered President Joe Biden in a new interview Tuesday evening for turning his back on America’s troops. Appearing on Newsmax’s ‘Eric Bolling The Balance,’ DeSantis criticized the President for his failure to respond to Iran-sponsored attacks against U.S. servicemen overseas.

The Florida Governor called on the White House to deter future attacks through “sufficient force” but stopped short of supporting a direct military confrontation with Iran.

“Now there have been seventy-plus attacks on U.S. installations in the Middle East by Iranians or Houthis, who are Iranian-supported,” Newsmax host Eric Bolling said. “Would you, as President, preemptively attack Iran?”

“I don’t know about that, but if you have troops in harm’s way and someone takes a potshot at ’em, you’ve gotta respond with sufficient force so that you’re deterring that from happening in the future,” DeSantis replied.

“I think what Biden’s doing is basically going through the motions. He’s inviting more attacks on our troops. A lot of these troops, I’m not even sure what their core mission is. So you have to act in ways that are going to deter rather than invite attacks against your troops. Biden’s failing our troops. And he’s failing the country.”

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Bolling then asked DeSantis, who is running for President, how he would deter Iran. “So what would President DeSantis’ ways of response be?” he posed.

“Certainly, I think that you can actually do [sanctions],” DeSantis replied before taking another at the President. “Biden won’t even do the sanctions. I mean, he could turn the screws that will stop some of this oil money from going there, that’ll make it harder for them to fund operations and terrorism, so he should definitely be doing that.”

“My policy would be very simple: if you harm the hair on the head of an American servicemember, we are going to respond and you will have hell to pay.”

When again asked by Bolling whether he would support a strike against Iran targeting the country’s oil fields, DeSantis responded that he “certainly wouldn’t want to invite another lengthy conflict in the Middle East” but said he would still stand up for U.S. troops overseas.

“But clearly what Biden is doing is he has empowered the Iranians. They don’t worry about Biden at all, they think he’s a patsy. They’re gonna keep doing this until somebody puts their foot down.”

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After the Biden Administration allowed a set of UN sanctions against Iran to expire in October, DeSantis directed the Florida legislature to draft sanctions of their own against the Islamic Republic. The Governor later signed those sanctions into law following a three-day special session earlier this month.

According to a press release from the Governor’s office,

“The legislation broadens the definition of a scrutinized company to include any company engaging in business operations with the government of Iran in the energy, petrochemical, financial, construction, manufacturing, textile, mining, metals, shipping, shipbuilding or port sectors.”

The measures also include re-designating the Iran Petroleum List as the “Scrutinized Companies with Activities in Iran Terrorism Sectors List” and directing the State Board of Administration to divest holdings in the Florida Retirement System portfolio from companies that meet the expanded definition of “scrutinized.” Additionally, a further investment by a Florida agency in any Iran-linked company is now prohibited.”

“I applaud the Legislature for their fast work during this special session,” said Governor Ron DeSantis” “Divesting from any company that supports Iran … is of utmost importance.”

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