DeSantis Hits Biden Admin Over ‘Abysmal’ Treatment of U.S. Troops

Governor Ron DeSantis slammed the Biden Administration on Tuesday over its “abysmal” strategy in the Middle East. In a new interview, DeSantis criticized the White House for deploying a small number of troops to the region, arguing that such a small detachment is ineffective and could cost many U.S. servicemembers their lives.

According to the Pentagon, American troops in the region were attacked 27 times last month.

“I look at all these attacks that are going against U.S. positions in the Middle East, and it seems like Biden has people there that are effectively sitting ducks,” DeSantis told ‘Your World’ host Neil Cavuto.

“They’re there in probably too small a number to really do a whole lot. But they’re in sufficient numbers where they’re an inviting target.”

The White House has been adamant that it has “absolutely no intention” of deploying troops to Gaza in the wake of the Israel-Hamas War, but several hundred have already been deployed elsewhere, according to a Fox News report. A further 2,000 troops are reportedly being readied for deployment this month.

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DeSantis also sharply criticized the Biden Administration’s response to Iran, which is suspected of funding Hamas. In response to attacks against American servicemembers, the U.S. conducted airstrikes against two empty facilities in Syria, which were linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

DeSantis argued that the airstrikes were an insufficient deterrent that invited further attacks on U.S. troops.

“You’ve got to do that in a way that will deter them. But you also have to be mindful of what that means. But we’re not just going to sit there and allow American troops to be attacked. That is obviously unacceptable.”

The Florida Governor added that the White House’s response was par for the course, pointing out that President Biden gave Iran “huge relief from oil revenue [and] from the oil sanctions.”

“Iran’s gotten a lot of revenue from that. He still hasn’t taken back the $6 billion,” DeSantis said. “Understand, Iran is the root of all the problems for what’s going on in that region.”

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DeSantis called on Biden to clearly define the mission of U.S. troops in the region to avoid a “murky” situation like the War on Terror after the September 11 attacks. He spoke from personal experience, having been deployed to Iraq in 2007.

“We didn’t end up achieving a clear-cut victory. It’s a sticky part of the world. So I think you’ve got to be very, very careful,” DeSantis said, adding that Biden “owes the American people an explanation of why those troops are there and what they’re actually doing.”

“He doesn’t seem to have much of a strategy with any of that,” DeSantis continued.

“Biden has not articulated their mission being there … what’s the benefit of their being there versus what’s the risk of them being there.”

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