DeSantis Helps Homeowners Stuck With Cost of Abandoned Migrant Boats

Cuban migrants escaping tyranny have been landing their homemade crafts in several locations throughout the Florida Keys and as far north as Ft Lauderdale, forcing some homeowners to deal with the costs of removing the abandoned boats.

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Fort Jefferson National Park in the Florida Keys had approximately 300 Cubans land on the park property. This caused a temporary closure until all could be sent to Key West, processed, and returned to Cuba.

Florida Residents Jack and Sue Bartkus live in the town of Key Colony Beach, located in the upper keys. They recently discovered one of the abandoned boats at their dock. Jack told WSVN news that:

“About 20 people that rode on this boat from Cuba, and the government (Key Colony Police) took the people into custody, but they didn’t do anything with the boat.” “They left it here and discarded it, so it became my problem.” “It’s unfair, totally unfair,” Bartkus said.

Then came the Key Colony Beach Code Enforcement officer telling the Pair, “If it goes out there, [the boat] I’m going to consider it a push-off, on your part.”

So, you’re just supposed to let it destroy your pier, your docks, your seawalls, and you’re supposed to have to get rid of it – Sue Bartkus

Key Colony Beach officials told residents in a letter that migrant boats were their problem, not the government’s. “If any vessel ends up on your private property, it becomes your problem. This rule of law is both inconvenient and a bit expensive, but it is the law.”

Bartkus also said that he was forced to pay to clean and sterilize the boat, which cost him at least $2,500.

“There’s diesel fuel on there,” he said. “You can’t have an oil spill and have this thing floating out on the water, and it’s unsafe for other people.”

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The situation looked bleak for the Bartkus’ until Christina Pushaw, the Rapid Response Director for America’s Best Governor Ron DeSantis got wind of this buffoonery. She responded immediately to the situation on Twitter, with Press Secretary Bryan Griffin posting a video of Governor DeSantis handling the case like the Boss that he is.

There’s vessels left everywhere on people’s property,” DeSantis said. “We declared a state of emergency. We provided the Coast Guard the assistance that they asked for. We are going to clear the vessels free of charge for those residents because it wasn’t their fault. Maybe we’ll send the bill to Biden. We’ll see, DeSantis added.

This is how it’s supposed to work, folks. Elected officials work for you. Governor DeSantis has surrounded himself with a top-shelf crew, and it shows. The Free State of Florida Rules.

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