DeSantis: GOP Plays Too Safe Against Left – ‘Gotta Have A Spine’

Governor Ron DeSantis says Republicans are playing it too safe in the fight against the left and that the key to taking back America’s institutions is to charge “full steam ahead.” During a wide-ranging interview over the weekend, DeSantis offered insight into the battle for the country’s universities.

The Florida Governor cited his administration’s work in resurrecting the New College of Florida, which he described as once being like a “Marxist commune.” He told host Glenn Beck how his team implemented a new conservative board of trustees, gutted the school’s Marxist and gender studies, and implemented a new curriculum focused on the classics

“You will face blowback when you do it,” DeSantis said. “I mean, you know how many nasty grams I get in like the New York Times just on the New College alone?” DeSantis added that one of the nation’s greatest obstacles is that too many Republicans are unwilling to stand up to the media.

“Now I don’t care, I don’t even read this stuff. But a lot of [Republicans] you know, they don’t want to be hit by the media. And so the media effectively exercises a veto over them doing what should be done. I don’t let that happen. I mean we go full steam ahead. I view the blowback as positive feedback, meaning I must be over the target, otherwise they’d be ignoring me.”

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“So when we eliminated critical race theory, why haven’t more Republicans stepped up to do it?” DeSantis continued.

“Because what is the left gonna do when you go after CRT? They are going to call you a a racist. Right? [Republicans] don’t like to be called that.”

The Florida Governor drew a comparison between the takeover of New College and his administration’s fight against Disney after the company voiced its support for introducing gender ideology in elementary school classrooms.

“I have the confidence to be able to let people know what I actually did. Let ’em know what we’re trying to fight against, and let the chips fall. And you know what? People sided with me.”

“Same thing with the Disney fight over the gender ideology. you know, you have transgenderism in first, second grade I mean it’s insane. But people in the Republican party are like, well we don’t, we don’t mess around with business. you know, it’s kind of like a chamber of commerce view as to like, corporations can just do whatever they want, really. They’re allowed to mobilize subsidies that they’d inherited from Florida against our parents and our policies.”

“You just gotta have a spine to stand there, do what’s right, take the fire, and keep on going forward,” he added.


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During the interview, DeSantis also talked about the capture of America’s medical institutions by Left-wing ideology. He specifically called out the promotion of transgender surgeries for minors, referencing “detransition” activist Chloe Cole as an example,

“And now she got sterilized and she says it’s this massive regret and it wrong. And yet they just plow forward with ideology.”

The Governor also called out the CDC, saying public trust was at an all-time low.

“Are we really just gonna cite them as an authority at this point? No, you’d be better off doing the opposite given how wrong they were about lockdowns masks, school closures, all these other things.”

The fight we deal with the left is not just about whatever may happen in Congress or state legislature. Those are important fights, you know, the taxes, all this stuff. But it is at an institutional level,” DeSantis continued.

“And as leftist ideology overtakes institutions in our society, those institutions corrode and society starts to decay. That’s why San Francisco is like a city that, that is a post-war almost I mean. I went there a couple months ago and you hear the stories, and I would talk about this, you know, in the campaign trail, but you actually see somebody defecating on the sidewalk. You see the drug use happening, you see people getting mugged and nothing happens that’s going on. And who would’ve thought that would’ve been acceptable in America even five or 10 years ago?”

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