DeSantis Economic Plan Takes on ‘Failed Elites’ – ‘We the American People Win; They Lose’

Governor Ron DeSantis laid out his economic agenda during a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Monday, promising to get tough on China, remove barriers for working-class Americans, and hold the country’s “failed elites” accountable. DeSantis dubbed his plan the “Declaration of Economic Independence.”

“We will declare our economic independence from the failed elites that have orchestrated American decline,” the Governor said, addressing a crowd of workers and business owners at a factory in Rochester. “We, the American people win; they lose.”

DeSantis’ 10-point plan consisted of some standard Republican promises–such as keeping taxes low and cutting wasteful government spending–but other points hit a more populist note, such as vowing to lift workers without college degrees and take on corporate interest. In addition to rooting out environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards, DeSantis pledged to oppose future bailouts and hold “bad economic actors responsible.”

“We cannot have policy that kowtows to the largest corporations and Wall Street at the expense of small businesses and average Americans. There’s a difference between a free-market economy — which we want — and corporatism, in which the rules are jiggered to be able to help incumbent companies.” ~ Gov. Ron DeSantis

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DeSantis described the current moment as a “fight for the middle class” and said that the era of Bidenomics and rampant inflation has caused the American dream to slip away.

“Costs of life’s essentials have gone through the roof. Things like buying a home, purchasing a car, and starting a family. Things that used to be the hallmark of the American dream are now cost-prohibitive for so many people throughout our country,” DeSantis said. “Even getting groceries on a weekly basis has become a major challenge.”

DeSantis also called out the decline in Americans’ life expectancy, saying that the problems facing the working class have led to a spike in alcoholism, drug overdoses, and suicides. “This is not normal, this is not acceptable, and yet entrenched politicians in Washington refuse to change course.”

The Governor also placed some of the blame on the country’s “broken university system,” which sees an increasing amount of young Americans saddled with debt despite declining job prospects. DeSantis floated the idea of making the universities–and not the taxpayers–responsible for the debt crisis.

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The Governor’s economic agenda also promises to restore economic sovereignty and decrease dependence on China. DeSantis said that if elected to the White House, he would reverse the country’s trade deficits and create a fair labor market by securing the southern border.

“We will declare our economic independence from the Chinese Communist Party. We will declare our economic independence from the central planners who seek to advance their political agenda the expense of the well-being of average Americans.” ~ Gov. Ron DeSantis

Other pillars of the “Declaration of Economic Independence” include unleashing American energy independence and achieving 3 percent growth by “incentivizing investment, eliminating […] red tape, and keeping taxes low.”

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