DeSantis Drags Biden on Ukraine Strategy – ‘Basically Funding Both Sides’

Governor and Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis clarified his views on the Ukraine conflict Saturday, calling for a swift conclusion to the war, criticizing the Biden administration’s escalation, and opposing NATO membership for the embattled country.

In a wide-ranging interview on ‘The Glenn Beck Podcast,’ host Glenn Beck accused DeSantis of being “a little slippery” regarding his views on the conflict.

“I don’t think so,” DeSantis replied, adding that he views the war as a “secondary or tertiary interest” to the United States. The Florida Governor said the country’s objective should be to “bring it to a conclusion.”

“There’s a different question between Vladimir Putin being a bad guy, which he is; Russia being the aggressor, which they are; but then our national interests and the risks [to] us getting enmeshed in this.”

DeSantis specifically criticized the lack of a clear goal in Ukraine, saying that Washington had written a “blank check” without any plan to draw the war to a close.

“I’m the only guy running that’s actually put on the uniform… and I’m very conscious and sensitive to doing things where there’s not a clear mission, where we don’t know exactly what we’re trying to accomplish.

Biden still has still not articulated–he just says ‘as long as it takes.’ So as President my goal would be to end it, not to escalate it.”

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DeSantis also blamed Biden for dragging out the conflict, accusing him of ignoring “other levers” such as American energy production.

“He is basically funding both sides of the conflict,” DeSantis said, adding that America’s diminished energy independence helps countries like Russia and China. “China is helping Russia in the conflict,” he said.

“And then people will sometimes say… like why? Why should America care? And what the DC people will say is, well, China is watching this. They’re, they’re gonna see and that may cause them what they do with Taiwan. I actually think what China wants, they wanna see a long protracted quagmire because we’re running low on ammunition in the west. Stockpiles are diminishing. Russia, if they’re in it, Russia will get weakened too. But China wants a weak Russia ’cause that means Russia’s a client state of China.”

DeSantis told Beck that he was equally critical of the endless funding being sent to Ukraine, telling the host,

“They’re paying the salaries of Ukrainian bureaucrats. There’s no accountability.”

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On the topic of NATO, DeSantis said he “agreed” with the approach of former President Donald Trump in holding America’s allies accountable for not fulfilling their requirements of the alliance. He also said he would outright oppose Ukraine joining NATO if elected.

“I don’t think NATO membership is in our interest, to me,” DeSantis said. “All that would do was add more obligations to us, so if you’re adding more obligations, then what are benefits that we’re getting in return? In that case, I don’t know what the benefits necessarily would be.”

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