DeSantis Ditches Bud Light, Releases Hilarious Ad Mocking ‘Woke’ Beer Company

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has joined the ongoing boycott against Bud Light after the beer company partnered with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney in a recent ad campaign. The governor said he refuses to drink the beverage anymore because Bud Light’s parent corporation, Anheuser-Busch, is “too woke.” He urged conservative consumers to do the same and hold companies accountable for the values they’re pushing.

DeSantis’ comments come on the heels of a broad boycott of Bud Light after the company partnered with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney, who was commemorating one year of documenting his “girlhood” on social media. In the advertisement, Mulvaney parodied female stereotypes, like knowing nothing about sports, while wearing elbow-length black gloves and pearls.

Speaking in an interview released Monday evening with conservative political commentator Benny Johnson, DeSantis resolved he would not be drinking Bud Light or any other Anheuser-Busch products, like Budweiser, due to the company being “too woke.” The Governor explained he didn’t want to put money in the pocket of “woke companies” and their goals of “trying to change our country, trying to change policy, [and] trying to change [the] culture” in America.

“Trying to change policy, trying to change culture, and you know, I’d rather be governed by we the people than woke companies, and so I think [the] pushback is in order across the board including with Bud Light.”

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The Governor explained that the ad campaign represents a ulterior agenda to change the country. He said that the trend would continue if consumers did not vote with their dollars to punish corporations that do this.

Why would you want to drink Bud Light? I mean like honestly, that’s like them rubbing our faces in it, and it’s like these companies that do this, if they never have any response, they are just gonna keep doing it….’Some of these controversies that come up, and people can kind of just say, “Oh, well it’s kind of a one-off, yeah, it was stupid to do,” but it’s part of a larger thing where corporate America is trying to change our country,’

DeSantis also noted that Anheuser-Busch is an ideal target for pushback and can be used as an example to prevent other companies from attempting similar strategies.

“So I think we have power as consumers to make our voice heard, and not on every company because sometimes conservative consumers aren’t going to make a dent in some companies. This one is one if you don’t have conservative beer drinkers, you’re gonna feel that and so you know.”

The interview separated DeSantis with some other conservative voices, such as Donald Trump Jr, who have spoken out against the Bud Light boycott.

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On Monday, Team DeSantis also debuted a new video targeting Bud Light by mocking their “Real Men of Genius” ad campaign from the 1990s. “Team DeSantis presents real men of women’s sports,” says the voiceover for the video.

“From mediocre to champion… Real men steal first place!”

During his interview with Johnson, DeSantis recommended Guinness as an alternative to Anheuser-Busch’s woke beers.

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