DeSantis Defends Floridians’ Financial Privacy & Freedom, Signs Senate Bills 7054 & 214

In a bold move to champion Floridians’ financial privacy and personal freedom, Governor Ron DeSantis has signed groundbreaking Senate Bills 7054 and 214, establishing a new precedent in the fight against government overreach and corporate monitoring. These first-of-their-kind pieces of legislation demonstrate Florida’s commitment to safeguarding its citizens’ liberties and resisting federal and corporate intrusion.

Senate Bill 7054 directly targets the potential issues posed by a federally adopted central bank digital currency (CBDC) by excluding it from the definition of money within Florida’s Uniform Commercial Code. This effectively prohibits the use of CBDCs within the state. Furthermore, the bill bans foreign-issued CBDCs, providing additional protection against international efforts to establish a worldwide digital currency.

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Governor DeSantis strongly supported the legislation, stating that neither the government nor large credit card companies should have the power to restrict access to citizens’ hard-earned money based on political disagreements. He emphasized Florida’s commitment to personal freedom and its determination to prevent self-interested elites from eroding citizens’ liberties.

Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis echoed the Governor’s concerns, asserting that the Biden administration could weaponize a federally controlled CBDC, leading to unwarranted surveillance and control of Floridians’ financial information. He praised Governor DeSantis for taking a firm stand against this potential privacy and financial freedom threat.

The second piece of legislation, Senate Bill 214, aims to protect Second Amendment rights by prohibiting credit card companies from using firearm-specific Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) to monitor transactions. The bill imposes fines for violating Florida’s consumer protections against gun owner registries. Supporters of the bill argue that the use of MCCs by credit card companies constitutes an extreme overreach into consumers’ private purchases.

Commissioner of Agriculture Wilton Simpson lauded Florida’s efforts to protect Second Amendment rights, stating that the state is drawing a line in the sand against progressive financial institutions that covertly track, monitor, and report data on Floridians’ firearm purchases. He thanked Governor DeSantis and other state leaders for their decisive action in addressing this emerging threat.

We are all blessed to live in the Free State of Florida where our Second Amendment rights are valued and protected,”

Senate President Kathleen Passidomo praised Governor DeSantis for his proactive approach, asserting that his leadership will ensure Florida promotes economic freedom and privacy from potential overreach by the federal government or foreign governments. Passidomo emphasized the importance of preserving the role of private commercial banks in the face of such threats.

Our Governor doesn’t sit around and wait for a problem to occur. He is proactive. He anticipates the steps we need to take to protect our state and he takes actions

House Speaker Paul Renner vowed to protect Floridians from unprecedented government overreach that could jeopardize privacy rights and increase government control over citizens’ freedom to purchase goods and services. He affirmed that Floridians can count on Governor DeSantis and the Florida House to protect their hard-earned money from a federally controlled central bank.

President Joe Biden’s 2022 executive order exploring the creation of a US CBDC has raised concerns about the potential erosion of privacy and autonomy for American citizens. However, with the signing of Senate Bills 7054 and 214, Florida is taking a pioneering stand against these threats, positioning itself as a leader in the fight for financial privacy and individual liberties.

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