DeSantis Campaigns in South Carolina for Congress Term Limits Amendment

5Ron DeSantis may have suspended his bid for President, but that doesn’t mean he is finished campaigning. On Tuesday, the Governor traveled to South Carolina to rally the state behind a new Constitutional Amendment establishing term limits for U.S. congressmen. After meeting with lawmakers in the Palmetto State, DeSantis fielded questions at a press conference.

“When I was running, I said I would use the bully pulpit to help do this,” DeSantis told reporters.

“Well now that we’re here where we are I’ve told folks that are supportive of the term limits movement ‘Put me in.’ If there’s a way I can be helpful–if it’s me going and speaking to different folks throughout the country that are in state legislative chambers–I’m happy to do it.”

DeSantis said he had traveled to South Carolina at the invitation of the U.S. Term Limits (USTL) organization, a group based out of Washington D.C. advocating for term limits in all levels of government. DeSantis also revealed that he met with Indiana lawmakers this week, hoping to build momentum behind a Constitutional convention, which would require the support of 34 states. USTL states that six state legislatures have adopted single-subject applications for Congressional term limits.

Under Article V of the Constitution, three-fourths of the states would have to agree to ratify the Amendment.

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DeSantis has been a longtime advocate of term limits for U.S. House and Senate members. While serving as a U.S. Representative from Florida, he sponsored a resolution in Congress to establish term limits–something he said “went over like a lead balloon” amongst his colleagues.

A press release issued after the Governor’s appearance in South Carolina said, “We need term limits for members of Congress. Florida has already certified a proposed amendment under Article V of the Constitution, and other states are poised to follow suit.”

“At the invitation of the U.S. Term Limits organization, I traveled today to encourage other state legislators to follow Florida’s lead and pass a resolution to call for a constitutional amendment for congressional term limits. We will never turn our country around if we don’t change the incentives in DC. Term limits are supported by huge majorities of Americans—it’s time to make it happen.”

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DeSantis arrived in South Carolina four days before the Feb. 24 GOP primary. While speaking to reporters, DeSantis took a shot at primary contender Nikki Haley, the former state governor.

“It was clear to me after Iowa she just didn’t have support among Republicans,” DeSantis said, referring to his former opponent. “There’s no question that South Carolina is going to be a big victory for Donald Trump because he appeals to core Republicans in way that Nikki Haley just does not, or is not trying to.”

Polls show Trump leading Haley in her home state by over 20 points.

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