DeSantis Camp Promises New ‘Insurgent Campaign’ – Supporters ‘Optimistic’

Governor Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign is preparing to significantly ramp up its efforts in the coming weeks, with top advisers briefing donors on the new “insurgent” campaign strategy last weekend. A new report indicates that the campaign is shifting towards a leaner and more authentic style centered on maximizing DeSantis’s exposure to voters.

The report, published by POLITICO, estimated that around 70 of the campaign’s “top contributors” attended the retreat in Utah. On Sunday, the campaign took questions, addressed concerns about overspending, and offered a window into their new direction. The changes include cutting back on fundraising expenses, hosting smaller events, and directing more resources to early nominating states.

The campaign is reportedly preparing for a media blitz, with Governor expected to spend more time in front of the camera and with voters. As evidenced by DeSantis ‘ recent interview with Jake Tapper on CNN, campaign manager Generra Peck signaled that the campaign would also be more willing to engage with mainstream media.

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DeSantis’s interview with Tapper marked the candidate’s first sit-down interview with a mainstream outlet. Campaign officials reportedly promised more mainstream interviews shortly.

DeSantis has also teased a series of upcoming policy rollouts addressing the economy, national security, and competition with China.

Nick Iarossi, a Florida-based consultant, and early DeSantis supporter, described the new strategy as “Let Ron be Ron.”

“That’s what got him here. That’s what made him the leader that he is in Florida,” Iarossi said.

“When Rocky needed to beat Drago, he was out there chopping logs and running the mountains and just getting hard core… “Those are the things we are going to start doing.” ~ Nick Iarossi, via NBC News

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Campaign staff did, however, acknowledge some setbacks. According to the report, some donors expressed concern over the campaign’s financial position, which Peck said was due to overspending on event planning. In addition to cutting back on fundraising costs, the campaign recently dismissed around ten event planning staff from its total team of over 90 staffers.

Despite the early difficulties, NBC News reported that the mood among DeSantis’s supporters was “optimistic.”

“What really went well, I thought, was the fact that Generra really looked like she was in control and really had a handle on things,” one bundler in attendance said. “She had a great handle on the numbers and what went wrong and what needed to be done.” ~ NBC News

In addition to the panel, the retreat also included an “Investor Appreciation Dinner,” a “Campaign Brainstorm and Strategy Session,” and a Sunday night barbecue. Donors reportedly left feeling confident in Peck’s management of the campaign.

“The important thing that everyone realized here is the first family has complete faith in Generra and the team,” Iarossi said, according to POLITICO. “The team is going to continue to evaluate the direction, be nimble, make changes as necessary. But the team is solidly behind her, the donors are solidly behind her. And this insurgent campaign that’s being run is going to allow us to be more efficient going forward.”

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