DeSantis Calls to Revoke Pro-Hamas Students’ Visas: ‘What the Hell’ is Going on in Universities

Governor Ron DeSantis is calling for a crackdown on Hamas sympathizers at American universities, suggesting in a new interview that foreign students who support the terrorist group should have their visas revoked.

DeSantis’ comments follow a recent spate of pro-Hamas demonstrations at universities across the U.S.–including several within his state. The October 7 attack on Israel that left over 1,000 civilians dead has served as a flashpoint for conflict on American campuses. At Florida Atlantic University last week, one protest turned violent, with one pro-Palestinian student from Jordan attacking a pro-Israeli woman. He was later arrested on a felony battery charge.

“It raises a larger issue. What the hell is going on in American universities nowadays?” DeSantis said on an airing of The Megyn Kelly Show on Tuesday.

“This would not have happened during World War II when the Japanese attacked us. You would not have seen—you did not see—student groups going out there and celebrating that. Remember, Americans were massacred, too. It wasn’t just Israelis, and Americans are still being held hostage as well as Israelis,” DeSantis remarked, referencing the 30 Americans who were killed and the 13 still missing in Israel.

“Now, you see that resume—to me, I run the other way,” he continued. “I’m assuming that there’s a lot of problems embedded into whatever’s been fed into that student because of how toxic the culture has gotten [in] our universities.”

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DeSantis then issued a call to hold pro-Hamas foreign nationals accountable. The Governor called it a “no-brainer” that foreign students supporting the terror group should have their visas revoked.

“What I will say is this: Any of those students who are here on visas, those visas should be canceled, and they should be repatriated back to their home country. That’s a no-brainer. Why would we welcome people into this country who are totally hostile to basic American decency and values?”

DeSantis’ comments echo those of some Florida Republican lawmakers, including State Rep. Randy Fine and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio.

After the violent protest at FAU, Fine called on Governor DeSantis to address Florida universities promoting “Jewish genocide.” He proposed expelling pro-Hamas student organizations from campuses and revoking their funding.

Last weekend, Rubio also proposed revoking the visas of all foreign nationals identified as Hamas supporters.

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“If you look at what they did, what the Hamas terrorists did—as bad as Al-Queda and ISIS in some of their worst moments—I think this has even reached a new low,” DeSantis told Kelly during the interview.

The idea that you would go out and celebrate that as a good thing, that is absolutely the type of person that you should not want to hire. I would not hire any of those people who were doing that.”

DeSantis offered similar comments during an interview on The Guy Benson Show last week, saying that revoking Hamas supporters’ visas was a matter of national security.

“You don’t have a right to be here on a visa. You don’t have a right to be studying in the United States and we have a right to defend our people. And I think that having that is a huge problem,”

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