DeSantis Blasts Climate ‘Numbnuts’ After Protester Gets Body Slammed

On Thursday, security staff for Governor Ron DeSantis made short work of multiple climate protesters who attempted to derail a campaign stop in Iowa. The Governor was interrupted on three separate occasions at the event as activists tried to rush the stage while chanting and unfurling a banner. Two of the protesters had to be forcibly removed, with one getting body slammed by security in the process.

DeSantis had been campaigning in Ames, Iowa, when an activist suddenly jumped on stage next to him, holding up a banner labeled “DESANTIS: CLIMATE CRIMINAL.” He was almost immediately swarmed by staff who tackled him onto the ground. “Ron DeSantis is a climate criminal,” the activist yelled as he was removed. “He’s a climate criminal! How much money are you taking from oil companies?”

DeSantis, irritated, quipped, “This is [what’s] wrong with the college system right there, that’s exhibit A.”

Two other climate protesters also attempted to disrupt the Governor during the event.

“Second thing is second, excuse me, hold on. Excuse me. I’m doing this…. but you’re interrupting and you’re being rude,” DeSantis told one activist. “Everyone else is listening. And you’re butting in. I don’t care. I know you have an agenda. I know you have an agenda,”

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The audience cheered for DeSantis as he railed against the disruptors and vowed to defeat “people like that.”

“This guy is like, he wants you to pay more for gas, more for energy, he wants rolling blackouts in this country. We’re not going to let people like that win. We’re going to make sure we’re energy independent in this country,”

While speaking to reporters later on, DeSantis said that while he “take[s] questions from folks all the time,” he has no tolerance for agitators.

“Yeah, I’m not going to let these, these numbnuts rush the stage or do anything like that, but I mean people that ask, you know, normal, respectful questions, we’re happy to do.”

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The three protesters are associated with the “Climate Revolution” group Sunrise Movement. Following the outburst, the group posted to X,

“Lately, DeSantis has been seeing us almost as much as he sees his fossil fuel donors. And for some reason, his security guards aren’t as friendly to us as they are to them,”

Thursday’s incident marks the second time the group has attempted to derail a DeSantis event in Iowa this week. Sunshine Movement protesters rushed the stage on Tuesday during a televised town hall.

“Some of these guys, they actually infiltrated – I did a town hall on Fox News – well I don’t know if they infiltrated or they were welcomed to do that. But they were there,” DeSantis told reporters. “They tried to bum rush the stage there.”

“That’s what I would say to Republican voters, who the media is going after, who the media doesn’t want to be the candidate, that’s the best endorsement that any Republican can ever have. So they’re coming after me,” he said.

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