DeSantis and Tucker Carlson shred suspended ‘Soros prosecutor’ [VIDEO]

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis suspended Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren for refusing to uphold the law this week.

Governor DeSantis’s “major announcement” Thursday may not have been a Presidential bid, but it still shocked and enraged many liberals as promised.

Florida’s Governor decided to indefinitely suspend State Attorney Andrew Warren of Hillsborough County, effective immediately.

“We had the individual here from Hillsborough County say and signed letters that there are certain laws he just won’t enforce and won’t prosecute,” DeSantis said in an interview with FOX News.

He justified the decision by saying that Warren put “ideology over the rule of law,” failing to carry out his duties as State Attorney.

“States attorneys that put their ideology over the rule of law are not satisfying their oath of office.” DeSantis further said.

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On Thursday night, DeSantis appeared on Tucker Carlson and took Warren and “Soros prosecutors” to task, saying that they “take it upon themselves to decide which laws should be followed and which laws should not be followed.”

DeSantis further clarified his decision to fire Warren, saying that he did not act alone and that Warren was fired on the recommendation of his staff, prosecutors, and law enforcement.

DeSantis further said that Warren’s refusal to enforce the law is part of a larger plot across the country to get progressive prosecutors elected who will circumvent Democratically elected legislatures.

“They want to change the criminal justice system through non-enforcement.  So it’s a total end run around our Constitutional system.  The results have obviously been destructive around our country.  It almost undermines the idea that our government is supposed to be a government of laws, not a government of individual men” He said.

Warren has repeatedly disregarded laws that he disagrees with.

Most recently, he hinted that he would not enforce Florida’s 15-week abortion ban, saying that it is “unconstitutional on its face” and that he would, ironically, “uphold the law and protect our freedom” (by not enforcing written law).

“The 15-week ban is unconstitutional on its face. Tallahassee knew it when it passed the bill hoping judges will ignore the privacy right in FL Constitution.”

“I put my hand on the Bible and swore to defend the US & Florida Constitutions,” Warren continued. “Florida’s Constitution has a privacy right that clearly covers abortion. While Tallahassee tries to circumvent the law, I will uphold the law and protect our freedom.”

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