DeSantis and Trump Lay Out Two Different Visions for GOP Ahead of Primary

President Donald Trump, people have primarily focused on optics and their public perception when deciding who would be the best candidate in 2024.

What has not been discussed extensively is the candidate’s policy differences and distinct visions for the Republican Party.

Still, if DeSantis chooses to run, which he has not yet confirmed, whoever emerges as the victor will likely set the agenda for the Republican Party for four years or longer.

The candidates differ in crucial policy areas, such as foreign policy, response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and priorities during their tenure.

While Trump has already started to attack DeSantis, the Florida Governor has mostly held off up to this point.

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Many believe that DeSantis will eventually hit Trump back but would likely wait until he declares his candidacy if he chooses to do so.

“We’ll continue to see this cold war get hotter and hotter, and the only thing to watch is when DeSantis starts to openly criticize or respond to Trump,” said Sam Nunberg, a GOP strategist who advised Trump’s 2016 campaign. “He doesn’t have to while he’s governor, but eventually, he will as a candidate.”

America First loyalists still stand behind President Trump, with many believing that Trump is the only person who will stand up to the Washington D.C establishment on issues like foreign policy and immigration, two areas where they say the former President shined during his administration.

Some believe that the establishment is backing DeSantis as a foil to Trump.

DeSantis supporters believe that DeSantis has established himself as someone willing to do what is necessary to carry out a conservative agenda on social issues and issues like the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I think the overall narrative and differentiation will be that DeSantis gets things done, and he’s not a cult of personality,” said one Florida-based Republican strategist. “While President Trump is running for himself, DeSantis is running for the people and showing he can do effective government.”

While DeSantis still narrowly trails Trump in most polls, he has been gaining on him in the last few months as his profile continues to rise due to his strong stance on culture war issues.

“It’s not complicated, @RonDeSantisFL is leading the polls for a reason. Principled, conservative leadership on issues Floridians (and all Americans) care about,” Said Representative Chip Roy, R-Tx.

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