DeSantis and Team Repair Sanibel Causeway at Blazing Speed, Isolated Floridians’ Get Power Back

Flordia Governor Ron DeSantis announced the Sanibel Island causeway would be repaired ahead of schedule. The bridge is being used by utility vehicles now and will be available for public use as early as October 21st.

DeSantis made the announcement yesterday in front of the causeway. While full repairs were initially set to be completed by the end of October, per Florida’s Voice, the timetable has now accelerated. It was as DeSantis announced that utility vehicles began slowly moving across the bridge, not even two weeks since Hurricane Ian made landfall.

“If we didn’t do the causeway or if we had left the causeway to linger and didn’t send anyone on the island, then nothing would have happened up to this point,”

Over 350 utility vehicles are set to cross the causeway, primarily to help restore power for Sanibel Island residents, according to DeSantis War Room.

DeSantis also posted an aerial video of the operation to do justice to its scale.

Brendon Leslie tweeted an aerial image of the utility vehicles waiting for their turn to cross the bridge.

DeSantis outlined that the extra help will be more than welcome on Sanibel Island.

“So the convoy is going to get there. They’re going to be working to restore the power situation. “For those of you who’ve been out on that island, you know, you see concrete poles, utility poles snapped in half. And that’s actually a pretty common sight to see. So it is going to require a lot of manpower.”

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One Twitter user tweeted a before-image of the causeway showing how extensive the initial damage was to put the magnitude of the repairs themselves into perspective.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) also showed off, outlining the massive scope of its repair efforts on Sunday, crediting DeSantis.

The crediting is warranted; DeSantis explicitly announced his intent to expedite the process nearly a week ago.


Those efforts have paid off, and Floridians are expressing gratitude for the rapid results.

Despite the non-political nature of the achievement, some detractors engaged in futile attempts to sour the announcement but were shut down quickly. One user, Lesley Abravanel, claimed half of the island’s population had killed themselves with no evidence.

But detractors have not been able to stop DeSantis’ momentum. This is the second bridge the governor has announced as repaired in the same number of weeks. Hopefully, the recovery will progress with this speed and effectiveness.

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