DeSantis Admin Does Victory Lap As Judge Rules State Did Not Violate Stop WOKE Injunction

Liberal activists are discovering this week that they can’t stop the ‘Stop WOKE Act.’ In a victory for the DeSantis administration, a federal judge has ruled that the state did not violate a court order that put the law on hold. The Stop WOKE Act would prohibit universities from adding Critical Race Theory and “woke” ideology to their curriculum, but it is currently halted under a preliminary injunction, pending the outcome of an ongoing lawsuit.

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The plaintiffs argued that the state violated the terms of the injunction when it sent a memo requesting that colleges “provide a comprehensive list of all staff, programs and campus activities related to diversity, equity and inclusion, and critical race theory.” The ACLU objected to the memo as a “thinly veiled attempt” to circumvent the court order.

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The state argued that the memo was simply part of the annual budgeting process and that the Florida Constitution grants the governor the right to request the information in question. According to a report by the Orlando Sentinel, U.S. District Judge Mark Walker wrote in response to the case,

“Although this court would not hesitate to compel compliance with its preliminary injunction, this court finds there has been no violation of the injunction at this time.”

Gov. DeSantis first introduced the bill in December 2021. It was signed into law last April. The law would prevent educators and corporations from…

“subjecting any student or employee to training or instruction that espouses, promotes, advances, inculcates, or compels such individual to believe specified concepts constitutes discrimination based on race, color, sex, or national origin.”

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The Stop WOKE Act was written in response to the rise of critical race theory in American institutions. Notable classroom items that inspired the legislation include the claim that babies are racist, that America is a “parisitic system,” and that students should rally behind “Black communism.” The law also takes aim at woke capital, fighting back against corporations such as Google, Verizon, and Bank of America that lecture their employees on how the United States is “fundamentally racist.”
The ongoing lawsuit, Pernell v. Florida Board of Governors, is the fourth legal challenge made to the Stop WOKE Act.

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