Deputy Police Chief Says He Was Fired For Facebook Post With Lois Frankel Opponent

West Palm Beach Deputy Police Chief Rick Morris says he was fired for posting a Facebook photo with Republican candidate Deborah Adeimy, one of Congresswoman Lois Frankel’s opponents.

We’ve all been told to watch what we post on social media. You never know who will see it; it may get you in trouble. Deputy Police Chief Rick Morris may have learned that lesson the hard way. He told WPBF News he was forced out of his forty-three-year career over a Facebook post from a police fundraising event at the Breaker’s Hotel where he posed in a photo with Deborah Adeimy, one of three candidates running in a primary to unseat current Congresswoman Lois Frankel. Mayor James and Morris exchanged text messages regarding the post. Two weeks later, Morris was fired, although technically he resigned. Deborah Adeimy believes that the Forced resignation was caused by Frankel, but the Chief serves at the sole discretion of Mayor James, who says that’s not what happened.

Republican Congressional candidate Deborah Adeimy. Democrat Congresswoman Lois Frankel. West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James.

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Chief Morris resigned in December. According to WPBF, he and his attorney say he didn’t want to resign; he had to. Text messages show that Mayor James did exchange texts with Morris.

“This young lady asked me for a photograph. I said, ‘Fine, I don’t see any issue with that.’ And it was put on social media,” Morris said.

He captioned it: “An intelligent young lady running for Congress.”

The following day, he and Police Chief Frank Adderly received a text from Mayor Keith James, asking, “Is this Lois’ opponent?

Adderly and Morris said they didn’t know Adeimy was running against Frankel.

Morris explained he had already removed the photo, though, and hastened to add, “I have always supported Lois to the fullest.’

James writes: “Unbelievably tone deaf.”

Morris responds, “I apologize.”

James responds, “Not sure that is enough.”

Two weeks later, Morris resigned. 

Both Deborah Adeimy and Mayor James gave statements to Florida Jolt. 

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Adeimy ran for this same congressional seat in 2022 but lost the primary by a fraction of votes to opponent Dan Franzese, who outspent her seven to one. Frankel ultimately annihilated Franzese. Franzese and Adeimy are running again, this time against fellow Republican Andrew Gutmann. 

Adeimy had this to say,

It is shameful even a decorated police officer is not safe from Lois Frankel’s infamous wrath. The owner of City Diner personally experienced it. ~Deb Adeimy

Adeimy is referring to an incident that occurred during her last race when Congresswoman Frankel had a bit of a “Mommy Dearest” “no more wire hangers” meltdown, caught on video when she saw a poster of Adeimy at City Diner in West Palm Beach. 

Adeimy continues,

Many of us longtime residents are very aware of Frankel’s volatile temper, tirades, and the “pay-to-play” scandal before the Florida Supreme Court. Frankel has a long history of using her power and influence to punish anyone who dares to oppose her – it must end. Chief Morris and all of us deserve better. 

I am involved in and support many business and charitable organizations, so while Lois Frankel wields her manipulative influence, it is disheartening to observe the accomplished Mayor James feels he must still listen to his old boss, Frankel. ~ Congressional Candidate Deborah Adeimy

Please note that these allegations are only Deborah Adeimy’s opinion. No evidence has been produced that Frankel had any involvement in a decision that is exclusively in the control of the Mayor of West Palm Beach.

Congressman Lois Frankel stated on WPBF.

Personnel decisions for West Palm’s Police Department are entirely up to Mayor James and the Department. I have never played a role in those decisions and was not aware of the situation. ~Congresswoman Lois Frankel 

Mayor James had this to say to Florida Jolt,

The FB post was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I had lost total confidence in his judgment. He had been warned repeatedly about his excessive (and inappropriate) use of social media, but he persisted. He had on at least one occasion mischaracterized a personal trip to South America as business when seeking reimbursement from the City for said trip. When I advised him that I was relieving him of his duties, I did not provide a specific reason. I simply told him I had lost confidence in his judgment. Both the City Administrator and Police Chief were present when I had that phone conversation with Morris. It is important to note that Morris was an employee at will. I was not obligated to give him a reason for his termination.

~Mayor Keith James  

Adeimy believes Frankel was responsible for the termination. Morris thinks retaliation for posting a photo on social media that pissed off a powerful political ally of the mayor is the reason for his forced resignation. Mayor James says this was just a blip in the larger scheme of problems with the Chief. The big question is, what will voters think come election time? The big lesson is to watch what you post on social media. Big Brother is watching you.

Correction: In the original article, it was stated that Dan Franzese outspent Deborah Adeimy four to one. The correct amount is seven to one.

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