Democrats Desperate to Redefine Demings as ‘Tough on Crime’… But Police Love Rubio

In the final weeks leading up to the November midterms, Democrats in Florida have struggled to find footing with voters.

Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Charlie Crist hoped to capitalize on Hurricane Ian to attack Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for his leadership. Still, his party’s Democratic President repeatedly praised DeSantis for his response to the hurricane and spoke with him at events.

Now, Democrats are attempting a last-ditch effort to boost Senate candidate Val Demings in an uphill battle against incumbent Marco Rubio, R-Fl.

This week, the Lincoln Project released an advertisement to undermine Rubio’s ‘tough on crime’ stance by highlighting his support for former President Donald Trump amid FBI investigations against him.

The advertisement then prominently features Demings in police uniform during her tenure as chief of the Orlando Police Department.

“I know you have our back, and we got yours.” ~John Kazanjian, President of the Florida Police Benevolent Association to Sen. Rubio


Lizette Alvarez, writing for the Washington Post, also penned a puff piece for Demings this week that labeled her a ‘Law and Order’ Democrat.

“Demings wields her law-enforcement experience as a different kind of police shield: It deflects the soft-on-crime attacks that Republicans trot out every election cycle. Rubio has accused Demings of wanting to “defund the police,” to which she responds, “I am the police.” And she points out that while “Rubio was home in his bed sleeping,” she was confronting real-world dangers. Her background makes it easier to fend off jabs about gun reform.” Alvarez said.

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Demings may have trouble holding herself out as a law and order Democrat, however, as pro-police groups have overwhelmingly endorsed Rubio while groups advocating for defunding the police have endorsed her.

Florida Rising, a group that endorses Demings and other Florida Democrats and advocates for defunding the police, was denounced by 30 Florida Sheriffs today, with the Sherriff’s saying that the group’s rhetoric has led to “unspeakable violence” against law enforcement officers.

Meanwhile, Senator Rubio has received the endorsement of a vast majority of Florida’s Sheriff’s and organizations representing tens of thousands of Florida’s law enforcement officers.

Voters who prioritize crime as one of their most important issues have the decision to listen to Democratic partisans or law enforcement officers to determine who is ‘tough on crime.’

If voters choose to listen to law enforcement officers and the groups representing them, such as the Fraternal Order of Police, the choice is clear.

Perhaps no one summarizes law enforcement officers thoughts on the Florida Senate election better than John Kazanjian, President of the Florida Police Benevolent Association that represents 30,000 police officers. “I know you have our back, and we got yours.” He told Rubio.

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