Democrat Bill Inspires Tracy Caruso to Buy A Gun & Take Shooting Lessons 

Florida State Sen. Lori Berman, D-Palm Beach County, and State Rep Katherine Waldron, D-Palm Beach County, have filed SB 270, a revision of the current law on discharging a firearm in residential areas. It appears at first glance to be an innocuous gun safety bill that encourages responsible gun ownership, but in reality, it’s just another Democrat gun grab ploy meant to deter people from buying guns and exercising their constitutional right to defend themselves. It is essential to be a prudent gun owner responsible for your actions, which is why the filing of this bill has inspired me to buy a gun and sign up for private shooting lessons, and I hope it will do the same for you. 

Note: Tracy Caruso is married to State Representative Mike Caruso. The opinions expressed in this article are hers alone. 

State Senator Lori Berman, D-Palm Beach County, and State Rep Katherine Waldron, D-Palm Beach County, have filed SB 270, a revision of a current bill relating to firearm discharging in residential areas.

This new bill came to be because of a horrible accident where a woman in Lake Worth Beach got shot when someone was doing target practice on their property.

According to the Palm Beach Post,

At about noon on Sept. 10, Nicole Adams heard gunshots.

She walked outside her home west of Lake Worth Beach to check on her horses. She then felt a sharp pain in her lower back. She had been shot.

Luckily for her, the .45-caliber bullet had lost most of its velocity by the time she was hit. According to deputies at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, she sustained “a superficial graze.” She was treated and released from Bethesda West Hospital.

Adams and her family live in a relatively crime-free rural area near State Road 7, west of Lake Worth Beach, but she and her neighbors say they often fear for their safety because of stray bullets from those who use part of their properties for target practice.

Because of the current law, the new bill seeks to enact strict penalties in situations such as this one. At another point in time, I may have been more inclined to agree to harsher penalties, but that time has come and gone because of the dangerous wave of antisemitism sweeping the country. The time to enact a bill like this is not when Jewish people throughout the country are living in fear for their lives. This two-page bill doesn’t account for accidents, which, unfortunately, do happen sometimes. The timing of this bill is just wrong, given the Hamas terrorist war in Israel and the violent pro-terrorist, anti-Israel protests going on throughout the country. 

The full text of the Waldron/Berman bill.

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This bill seeks to punish gun owners, even in the event of an accident. The Dem answer to anything having to do with guns is to punish ordinary citizens, take away their rights, and allow a small group of people, the government, to have complete power over their safety and existence, all while Jews and many other Americans are currently losing their lives because they don’t have firearms to protect themselves.

Bills like this one do not prevent accidents, and they do not prevent gun deaths. What bills like this do is scare law-abiding citizens who want to protect themselves from buying guns and learning how to responsibly use them because proposed laws such as this one make it harder for them to do so. Florida Jolt recently published an article about the wave of Jewish people taking shooting lessons to feel secure going about their daily lives. They’re doing the right thing.

Fl Jolt Editor at Large Tracy Caruso is taking private shooting lessons. Gun ownership is your right, but it is your responsibility to be a law-abiding citizen. Safety is paramount. Know and learn the rules.

We are now living in dangerous times. Our schools are being infiltrated with pro-Hamas antisemites teaching our children. Jack Furnari’s recent article about one such Palm Beach County school teacher has sparked outrage, resulting in five hundred letters sent to the school board seeking to remove this teacher. 

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Everything in life is about timing. Now is not the time for stricter gun laws. Now is the time for responsible citizens to learn how to use guns, learn the rules of gun safety, become responsible gun owners, and be ready to protect themselves if necessary. 

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