Dem State Rep Says Moms for Liberty ‘A–holes,’ Compares to Terrorists

A Democratic state representative from New Hampshire is in hot water after calling the members of Moms for Liberty “a–sholes” and comparing them to Islamic terrorists. Catherine Sofikitis, who was first elected to represent part of Nashua in 2016, posted the controversial tweet on Sunday in response to a post about the parental rights activist group.

“Assholes with casseroles, taliban in minivan” ~ Catherine Sofikitis [@nashuaward7]

Her comments immediately sparked a response from New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Chris Ager, who wrote,

“The saddest part is that they seem to reflect the Democrat Party’s disdain for parents who dare to get involved with their children’s education.”

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Tina Descovich, a Moms for Liberty co-founder, responded in a statement to NH Journal, saying that elected officials need to stop “demonizing parents.”

“Moms for Liberty members are joyful warriors that are standing up to reclaim the failing education system across America… I would hope all elected officials would choose to work with parents to ensure a brighter future for all children instead of demonizing parents.” ~ Tina Descovich to NH Journal

Sofikitis, however, doubled down, later tweeting a YouTube video of a far-left activist describing Moms for Liberty as a group of “moms who seem to have an affinity for authoritarianism and extremist groups.”

The New Hampshire Democrat’s original tweet became the site of intense backlash, with many voters calling on her to resign in disgrace.

“Seriously, what is with all the love for the graphic sexual content for 8-year-olds?” one commenter asked. “I do not get it. I thought people were being overreactive prudes; then I SAW THE BOOKS. We are not blind. This development is weird.”

Brad Lemley, a writer and self-described left-winger, agreed with the comments calling Sofikitis’ comments “disturbing.”

“This is precisely the point. The response should be, ‘You are right, those graphic books have no place in school libraries.’ But over and over it’s ‘the far-right wants to ban books’ when they know, precisely, that removing porn from children’s libraries is not the same as a book ban. Were I still on the left, this extremely disturbing bad-faith argument from my side would be enough to break the spell.” ~ Brad Lemley [@BradCLemley]

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“Vote accordingly,” conservative activist ‘Billboard Chris tweeted in response to Sofikitis’ remarks.

Moms for Liberty has seen a meteoric rise since they were founded in Florida in 2021. The group has found success actively fighting against mask mandates, ending critical race theory curricula, and removing explicit pornographic materials from school libraries. In June, the group hosted a national conference titled the “Joyful Warriors” National Summit.

Governor Ron DeSantis attended the summit.

“I see that Moms for Liberty is coming under attack by the left, attack by the corporate media, protests out here in the streets. Now you know how I feel everywhere I go,” DeSantis told the audience, referencing the left-wing protesters outside the event. “But I want to congratulate you for that because that is a sign we are winning this fight.”

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