Dem Sen. Chris Murphy Predicts ‘Popular Revolt’ if Supreme Court Blocks Gun Control Law

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy said Sunday that attempts by the Supreme Court to block gun control could trigger a “popular revolt.”

The issue was brought to the forefront with a  federal judge ruling on Wednesday that federal law preventing the sale of guns to 18- to 20-year-olds was unconstitutional. The logic presumably is that once a legal adult, one is entitled to all Constitutional rights.

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Murphy made his statements during an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press

“Well, listen. If the Supreme Court eventually says that states or Congress can’t pass universal background checks or can’t take these assault weapons off the streets, I think there’s going to be a popular revolt over that policy, a court that’s already pretty illegitimate is gonna be in full crisis mode.”

Observers on Twitter did not take kindly to Murphy’s comments.

Several users half-jokingly accused Murphy of inciting violence with his comments.

Murphy’s swipe at the Supreme Court as “illegitimate,” presumably for making decisions he doesn’t like, is quickly explained by characterizing their decisions as “policy” rather than an articulation of Constitutional mandate.

The comments come on the heels of Biden also speaking on the issue. He marked the anniversary of the Buffalo mass shooting with a call to ban assault weapons, a policy that even fact-checkers found “mixed” evidence for working when it existed in the 90s.

“Congress must act, including by banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, requiring gun owners to securely store their firearms, requiring background checks for all gun sales, and repealing gun manufacturers’ immunity from liability. We also need more governors and state legislators to take these steps.”

Biden also called to make gun manufacturers liable for crimes committed with their weapons. For context, this is akin to forcing car manufacturers to be responsible for crashes brought on by drunk or reckless drivers.

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Nevertheless, Biden impugned  Republican motivations by accusing them of caring more about gun manufacturers than their constituents.

“The majority of Americans – even the majority of gun owners – want Congress to take some commonsense action to reduce gun violence. But too many congressional Republicans are doing the bidding of gun manufacturers instead of their constituents.”


Biden also meditated on the aftermath of the Buffalo shooting. “Jill and I visited both communities, spending hours with hundreds of family members who lost pieces of their soul and whose lives will never be the same,’ he wrote. “They had one message for all of us: Do something. For God’s sake, do something.”

Congress did something, passing the Bi-Partisan Safer Communities Act that mandates all those under 21 pass a background check to purchase a firearm. Now, despite the flimsy evidence it will work, Biden is pushing to do even more, and hang the constitutionality, a sentiment Senator Murphy seems to agree with.


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