Dem. Florida Rep. Defends Child Drag Shows Under the Guise of Parent’s Rights

A holiday-themed drag queen tour that marketed itself as family-friendly stoked political controversy in Florida this week.

The “Drag Queen Christmas” show that allowed children to attend came under scrutiny by the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation as it passed through Florida in the cities of Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Clearwater.

The Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation sent out a notice to venues hosting the event in Florida, reminding them that drag queen shows where children are allowed violate Florida law.

Florida Representative Anna Eskamani, D-Orange County, lashed out against the DBPR, calling the notice’ intimidation.’

“The actions by DBPR in targeting drag shows across the state is political performance, but it is also intimidation, and the notion of losing your liquor license is huge for any small business, especially an organization like Plaza Live,” Eskamani said.

In one Tweet, she said the state is pursuing a ‘homophobic agenda’ by enforcing Florida’s laws against disorderly conduct.

Then, Eskamani launched into a tirade where she defended the show under the guise of ‘parental rights,’ saying it is a parent’s right to decide what content is or isn’t appropriate.

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“It’s just incredibly ironic. I mean, Governor DeSantis continues to demonize LGBTQ+ people and their performances. Meanwhile, whether its Hooters, with its rated M or R, shows or movies, you don’t see that same type of rhetoric or concern for the well-being of children,” she continued. “It is a parent’s choice. You know, the Republican Party talks all about choice. They talk all about parental rights. It is a parent’s choice to decide what content is appropriate versus not.”

Just a few months earlier, Eskamani used her bully pulpit as a state legislator to criticize an Orlando business for hosting an event that featured Ron DeSantis and Dave Rubin as guest speakers.

Conservatives in Florida stood behind DeSantis and Florida’s government. Elon Gerberg, a father and founder of Florida Fathers for Freedom, said the response was predictable.

“Standing against and exposing the sexualization of children will bring out the evilest, ugly opposition. They will call you transphobic, homophobic, a fascist, a Nazi.. but DO NOT let that deter you from being a good parent and doing the right thing,” said Gerberg.

“This is wrong; parents need to stand up against it.” He added.

While Democrats have continued to engage Republicans in culture wars on the issue of drag queens, voters have consistently made it clear that they disapprove of children attending drag shows, particularly crucial demographics such as Hispanic voters.

A WPA Intelligence poll found that 61 percent of Hispanic voters oppose children attending drag shows.

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