Dem Eric Swalwell Reports Former 49ers Player to Police Over Tweet

Former San Francisco 49ers fullback Bruce Miller texted Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell a message on Twitter, asking him what type of punishment he’d prefer for being a “traitor” after having an alleged sexual relationship with a Chinese Spy.




“Almost time!!!” the message read. “Would you rather Guantanamo or just execution,” it said with laughing emojis.

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In response, Swalwell publically posted a screenshot of the message, claiming it was a direct, physical threat to his person.


“Who is this guy threatening to execute me? And how does he have so many followers?”


Swalwell told an NBC Bay Area reporter that he reported the fullback to the police and again claimed that the message threatened violence.

“My family and staff are deeply disturbed by the threat of execution…apparently by former 49er Bruce Miller. Threats of political violence are unacceptable,”


Swalwell also said that a spokesperson for the 49ers  team “reached out to me this afternoon regarding this threat from a former player. As a lifelong member of The Faithful, I appreciate them sharing their concern.”

Miller, however, rebuked this interpretation in a Twitter thread of his own, clarifying his messages were would-you-rathers and not a threat of any kind, but did not let off the gas of attacking Swalwell for his actions.

“I was content with trolling corrupt politicians in my dm’s, but since you want to make a story out of it then that’s what we’ll do. That was in no way a threat to you or you family. I missed when a harmless game of “would you rather” Guantanamo or execution (which to my knowledge is the punishment) for the treason you’ve so aggressively participated in trying to frame the sitting president, who was disrupting the corrupt status quo of the parasitic us gov. You Eric, are a traitor to the country, to your state, and to your district.and to the world. While your busy deflecting to bs and running around screwing Chinese spies while sitting on an intelligence committee, the Bay Area is in decay.”

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Miller concluded his response by making clear his dislike for Swalwell was not partisan but part of a dislike for corruption and reiterated that what he said was not a threat.

“Under the leadership of you and the other corrupt leadership. But you’d rather spend the last 7 years committing the biggest fraud in US history, instead of helping people. One that all of you knew from conception was a fraud, and it’s very clear. I never threatened you. I asked a simple question which struck a nerve, which I can imagine would since that punishment is in the cards for you and many others! Im not maga, republican or democrat. I’m an American who is sick of watching the corrupt establishment destroy our country.”

After Swalwell’s tweet, Media outlets quickly brought up Miller’s history with the legal system. However, Miller debunked this as well, clarifying the details of his record.


“And while we’re here and so many people are invoking my case as a history of violence. I’d be glad to inform you that my case was dismissed with 0 liability,” Miller wrote. “My record is cleaner than most of you. I had to tell another corrupt destroyer of cities George Gascon to kick rocks and shove his plea. After 4 years, 3 DA’s and a lot of wasted time the incompetent were forced to dismiss. Who charges someone with 50 years worth of felonies and walks away with a pat on the back for effort but it’s prob hard to convict someone after the witness claimed to assault me 1st!”


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