Delray Beach Woman Goes Down the Drain-Three Times!

Florida has always been known for having interesting, colorful characters. We even have a name for it, “Florida Man.” This week’s Florida Man is a woman named Lyndsey Kennedy, who was pulled out of a storm drain on Wednesday in Delray Beach. The crazy part is that this is the third time this has happened. That’s right. This woman has been pulled out of a storm drain on three separate occasions within the last two years.

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Delray Beach Police Video

If you live in Delray Beach, you may remember this story because it happened a hot second ago, in March of 2021. Kennedy was rescued from a storm drain, naked, drenched, and clutching a can of soda. Delray Beach Fire Rescue got her out. She claimed that she had been stuck in the storm drain for three weeks, but police said that she had probably been there for a few hours. A couple of months later, Kennedy was found in another storm drain in Texas.

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Lindsey Kennedy Photo by Grand Prairie (TX) Police Department

Kennedy found Florida storm drain pipes more in her comfort zone than those in Texas because she returned and went into another one. Yesterday’s incident occurred after someone saw Kennedy swimming in a canal near Lindell Boulevard in Delray Beach. When police tried to help her, she ignored them and climbed into a storm drain pipe.

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In a report from in 2021, Kennedy’s mother revealed a shocking revelation when she told reporters,

“Kennedy has a history of doing odd things and making bad decisions when she is high on drugs.”

This time around, Kennedy tried to stay in the pipe, but police eventually got her out, seemingly unharmed, and took her to the hospital for further evaluation.

Only in Florida and sometimes Texas do these things happen.

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