Deborah Project Hires More Attorneys, Vows Increased Fight Against Critical Race Theory and Antisemitism

A Jewish civil rights law firm declared total war on Critical Race Theory. The firm, known as The Deborah Project, is ramping up its recruiting, pledging to hire more litigation attorneys with the help of a substantial private donation. Since 2016, TDP has offered pro bono services to Jewish clients fighting against discrimination and antisemitism. Now, they’re taking the fight to the root of the issue.

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TDP’s legal director, Lori Loewenthal Marcus, says they have already initiated a challenge against Liberated Ethnic Studies in federal court. Marcus explained in an interview with the Jewish News Syndicate that the curriculum’s focus is on anti-Zionism,

“The goal of [Liberated Ethnic Studies] is to teach all American public school children the canard that such attacks are not anti-Semitic because ‘Zionism and Judaism are two separate things.'”

Marcus argues that Critical Race Theory and its offshoots have allowed antisemitism to go mainstream. She also told JNS,

“these libelous attacks on the Jewish commitment to Zion are being injected into public school curricula in the guise of ‘anti-racism,'”

The TDP also announced its creation of a new legal defense fund with the help of the new donation. The firm’s president, Jerome Marcus, says they intend to follow the model of the NAACP to organize and advocate for the civil rights of their constituents. Other minority advocacy groups have long used American civil rights law to advance their causes, but few Jewish examples currently exist. The firm plans to build upon current existing examples to serve the Jewish community.

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TDP’s opening of a new front is set against the backdrop of Governor Ron DeSantis’ war against race and gender ideology in academia. The governor has made it one of his top priorities to fight the spread of the pernicious CRT curriculum.

‘DeSantis Appoints Culture Warrior Chris Rufo to New College, Will End Wokeness’

With public support at an all-time high for causes like TDPs, the firm expects to build out its litigation infrastructure and make a serious impact in the war on woke.

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