David Hogg Shredded For Calling Rick Scott ‘Complicit’ in Death of Friend

Failed pillow salesman and liberal hack David Hogg is back in the news yet again–this time for trying to score political points off the shooting death of Sen. Rick Scott’s friend. Just hours after a gunman murdered five people at a Louisville bank on Monday, Scott announced that he had known one of the victims and offered prayers to his family. Afterward, Hogg led a social media charge against the Florida Senator, criticized him for supporting the Second Amendment, and mocked him for mourning his friend.

“My friend Tommy Elliott was killed today in Louisville,” Scott wrote on Twitter. “He was my banker for many years. This news is very shocking and sad for Ann and me. He did so much in the Louisville community, and we pray for his family during this awful time.”

Elliot was 63 years old at the time of his death. He is survived by his wife, two daughters, and two stepdaughters.

Hogg, whose high school was the site of a deadly mass shooting in 2018, quickly leaped on Scott’s tweet as an opportunity to play politics and show his scorn towards the senator.

“Must be tough knowing you’re complicit,” Hogg wrote.

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“Your staff is also literally met with the survivors of gun violence and said that they don’t care it is extremely hard for me to have sympathy for you,” the Harvard scholar added. “You have an enormous amount of power that could’ve been used to prevent what happened today and in Parkland.”

Like clockwork, Hogg’s followers also jumped into the comments to ridicule Scott over the loss of his friend.

“You have his blood on your hands,” said one reply.

“Your inaction caused the death of your friend,” said another.

Other commentators described Hogg’s response as “vile” and blasted the liberal activist over his callous remarks.

“With crap like this, you’ve done more damage to the cause you care about than probably anyone else in the last decade,” wrote Matt Whitlock. “Log off, kid.”

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“You might be one of the biggest pieces of shit on this platform,” said Red State senior editor Brandon Morse.

“Before, I just thought you were a fame hungry ghoul, but now I realize you really are just a terrible person to your core,” said another respondent. “What a disgusting thing to say to anyone.”

“This is just vile.”

“You care about your agenda. You’re no better than what you’re blaming him for. He is grieving his friend, and you’re blaming him for the man’s death, not the shooter. You’re despicable.”

In a painful bit of irony, Hogg tweeted the following morning,

“To be honest I think it might be social media more than anything that prevents us on making progress on addressing gun violence together- because it kills all nuance and only polarizes people more. There is a lot we do agree on and aren’t doing.”

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