Dan Franzese Campaign Goes to The Dogs

In the latest ridiculous campaign stunt, Republican Congressional Candidate Dan Franzese claims that dogs love him and implies that he should be trusted and liked by actual human beings as a result. Don’t fall for this ploy. If this method worked to get an accurate read on a candidate, you’d see people bringing their dogs to forums to sniff the butts of candidates to figure out who is full of it and who is the real deal. Too bad life isn’t that easy.  

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From Franzese’s latest campaign email,

Everyone knows that dogs are the best judges of character. And that is why I am so glad that I am the candidate they support! ~Congressional Candidate Dan Franzese

Franzese is running to unseat current Congresswoman Lois Frankel. You may remember him as the one who, as Fl Jolt’s Jack Furnari so eloquently put it, got “curb stomped” by Frankel in 2022 despite spending millions of dollars. Fast forward to 2024, and Franzese is back, running against newcomer and parental rights advocate Andrew Gutmann and Deborah Adeimy, a homegrown, well-known West Palm Beach local whom Franzese managed to defeat by a mere handful of votes in the 2022 primary by outspending her seven to one.

If dogs reacted to Franzese as voters do, it would probably look something like this.


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Franzese doesn’t seem to be gaining traction this time around, and the result is talk about endorsements that feel nothing short of desperate, hence the dog email where he discusses not only his “Dogs for Dan” posts but also tells a sad story about his dog dying of cancer. To add insult to injury, he includes at the end of his email what feels like a Democrat equity line, letting us know he also likes cats and then asks for money, and while Franzese has an equal love for cats and dogs, it shouldn’t go unnoticed that he doesn’t say cats like him. Meow. 

Congressional Candidate Dan Franzese says that dogs like him, and you should, too.

First, Franzese sends out mailers stating he endorses President Trump. Although it’s nice to know he supports Trump, his pompous personal endorsement has zero meaning. Then, he claimed to be endorsed by the Boca Raton Republican Club. The club president begged to differ. Now, in what feels like a desperate attempt to win over voters, Franzese sends out the “dogs love me” email. 

I’ve always been a dog lover. I had a dog named Rusty who was my trusted companion throughout my childhood. More recently, a Goldendoodle named Jenkins was a key member of our family for almost a decade. Our hearts were broken when he passed away from cancer. I know all pet owners will sympathize with how much we miss him!

~Congressional Candidate Dan Franzese

Many of us love dogs, and the “Dogs for Dan” campaign with pictures may give people warm fuzzies. However, with severe problems in our country now, such as illegal immigration, parental rights in education going by the wayside, and a severe wave of antisemitism throughout the country, this message feels silly and off. Franzese’s campaign needs actual meat for voters to chew on, and this pile of poop ain’t it. 

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