‘Cultist’ Climate Protesters Occupy Bristol Cathedral, Surround ‘Oil Fountain’

A small coalition of radical climate change activists occupied the historic Bristol Cathedral Thursday afternoon, wearing bizarre red costumes and yelling a series of pro-climate chants in the “House of God.”

One of the organizations called the “Bristol Climate Choir” claims that they organize “Peaceful protest performances on the climate and nature emergency.”

The other group in attendance, who can be spotted by their bright red robes and ghostly white makeup, is associated with the radical group/movement “Extinction Rebellion.”

Extinction Rebellion is famous across Europe for the vandalism of historic artwork and nigh-suicidal demonstrations in which they glue their bodies to major highways and completely halt traffic, believing the severity of the display will convince people to end the use of fossil fuels.

Ultimately, no damage has been reported as a result of the rally at the cathedral.

A photograph of the exterior of the historic Bristol Cathedral (photo credit: Shutterstock)

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The protest centered on a new art piece located in the cathedral called the “oil fountain.” The fountain spews a synthetic version of the “black gold,” which the artist, Luke Jerrams, claims he created the piece with the hope that people will ” think about our dependency on oil.”

“It was great to present the artwork in the Cathedral and open it to the public and let them see it for the first time. It’s such a great venue for the artwork as it looks like it’s always been there because of all the beautiful light streaming in and the way the oil fountain reflects the architecture as well. The inspiration is to make people think and consider how much of our life and society depends on oil. The computer used to write this article will be made of plastic, our clothing is made of plastic, and even the food we eat is wrapped in plastic.” ~Artist Luke Jerrams to local news outlet Bristol Live

The robed activists, who have been described as “climate cultists” by onlookers, can be seen joining hands and forming a ring around the fountain in several photographs from the event.

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Commentators on Twitter were disturbed by the bizarre “cult” clothing found in the cathedral.

“If you ever doubted that the climate change faction is driven by a cult mentality, this should demonstrate otherwise.” ~@JimBond6 on Twitter

Others claimed the activists – knowingly or not – were facilitating a transfer of power from the masses to the elite through their support of radical “pro-climate” measures.

“Yes!!! Hurry! Give more power, control and money to the non-elected elite. Starve yourselves and deprive yourselves of God-given resources, underneath your own feet. — Hosea 4:6 ‘My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge’.” ~@CaleeDavis on Twitter

A supporter of the display argued that “Jesus if he returned [would be] someone who would want [to] protect the environment.”

“Bristol cathedral allowed this installation [to] be exhibited there, they want us [to] talk about it. You want to mock it, but you are talking about them so thats a win [for] them.” ~@MaxWernerQ on Twitter

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