‘Crooked Hillary’ Tries to Sell Merch Off Trump Indictment, Gets Ruthlessly Mocked on Twitter

Hillary Clinton decided to monetize her flouting of the law recently, selling merchandise that reads “but her emails,” – a jab at President Trump, who is being indicted again on 37 new felony counts of mishandling documents in what many are calling overt political persecution.

The former Obama secretary of state advertised the unpopular merchandise on Twitter, implying that proceeds would go to support “groups working to strengthen our democracy.”

Clinton’s post indicates that she finds a sort of humor in her illegal and allegedly treasonous handling of classified information on a personal email server – a violation of federal law. Once she was handed a congressional subpoena demanding evidence of her crimes, she famously deleted more than 30,000 emails, citing “privacy” reasons. FBI director James Comey, to the dismay of tens of millions, declined to bring charges against her despite these revelations.

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Twitter users hilariously mocked Clinton’s flouting of the law.

“congrats, your friends got together and went after your political enemies just like every other problem you’ve run into for the last four decades now.” ~@JonathonSnyder on Twitter

Many felt that satirical tweets weren’t a proper response to Clinton’s transgression.

Beyond her destroying of emails, Clinton was also involved in the fabrication of the Russia hoax that destabilized Trump’s presidency and the entire country – breaking Federal Election Commission (FEC) guidelines in the process. Clinton’s campaign paid opposition research organizations to create the Steele Dossier, the centerpiece of the Russia hoax, that Democrats and the media called a “smoking gun.” She would only be fined approximately $100,000 by the FEC.

The official Twitter account for the “Mises Caucus” of the Libertarian Party brought up Clinton’s catastrophic destabilization of the country, saying that she was the “embodiment of corruption.”

“Remember how the #DurhamReport confirmed this was such a threat to your 2016 campaign that you fabricated the #Russiagate hoax and got all the Deep State agencies & regime media to run with it? Thanks for the reminder of how rigged the system is, Madam Embodiment of Corruption.”

Many users pointed out that the 2016 candidate was openly celebrating her “above the law” status.

“The hubris of knowing you violated the same laws Trump is being accused of breaking… and gloating about getting away with it… is egregious even for you.” ~@lydnseyfifield on Twitter

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One onlooker called Clinton a “menace” for her very public subversion of U.S. law.

“You smashed phones to prevent oversight, deleted subpoenaed emails, ran classified info through an unsecured server in your bathroom. You’re a menace.” ~@Citizen010101 on Twitter

Despite the misconduct of Clinton, Obama, Comey, and dozens of other officials being openly known, Clinton’s “email” merchandise supports what the Durham Report confirmed: the globalist establishment has not and will not hold themselves accountable for their crimes against America and her people. Instead, they will openly mock U.S. law and those who want it to be fairly enforced.

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