Crist the Tax Raiser Whines About High Taxes [VIDEO]

Charlie Crist, the Democratic nominee for Governor in Florida, landed himself in hot water again this week after he attacked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ record on taxes.

In an interview with The View, he said that the Florida sales tax was too high and also said that he would not support a state income tax if he were elected Governor of Florida.

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“You’ll never have a state income tax if Charlie Crist is governor,” Crist said during an appearance on ABC’s The View.

When asked what taxes Floridians pay, Crist said they have to pay property and sales taxes.  Joy Behar asked how much people have to pay, and he replied, “too much.”

DeSantis’ re-election team released a video where Crist voiced his support for tax raises while he was Governor of Florida and defended a multi-billion dollar tax raise he pushed through.

DeSantis’ re-election campaign slammed him for raising taxes and his dishonesty.

“This is simple: Charlie raised taxes as governor, supported a reckless tax-and-spend agenda in Washington, and even said he’d do it again if given the chance,” DeSantis campaign spokeswoman Lindsey Curnutte told Business Insider… “Charlie can say what he wants, but Floridians can see right through the bottomless pit of lies.”

Crist came under fire in late August for claiming that DeSantis raised taxes on the middle class and used the tax raise for corporate welfare.

In late August, Crist tweeted that DeSantis’ tax reform raised “taxes on the middle class by more than $1.5 billion while giving away $624 million to big corporations,”

Left-leaning PolitiFact disputed Crist’s claim, saying that DeSantis’s tax reform measures did not impose new taxes on the middle class and Crist’s claims were “misleading.”

The View invited DeSantis to appear on their show. The DeSantis team turned down the interview because of The View’s liberal bias.

Bryan Griffin, Ron DeSantis’ Press Secretary, highlighted comments that View panelists have made about him in the past, including calling him a “bigot and fascist,” as well as a “negligent, homicidal sociopath,” and accusing him of “coming after Black people.”

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