Corporations Are Not the Enemy

Some highly rabid know-it-alls in the political world are accusing “America’s corporations” of wokeness and siding with leftists on political issues. They are trying to label businesses, as a group, as enemies–not friends or allies—of conservatives.

Time to set the record straight, because these accusers are misguided and deceptive. They have served up a bunch of crap in their frantic search for scalps and attention on social media. They throw around terms like robber barons and “the Almighty Dollar”, and seem to think that business is ruining the “conservative coalition”. They love condemning more than praising. It’s the old “General Bullmoose” theme revived from the imbecile crowd of the 1960s.

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The accusers are saying the corporations in America have gone all in to “use their power” against conservatives and Republicans. They write that “the companies” and “corporate types” are “robber barons” who were never culturally with the political right. These criticizers promote unfair lies while mostly making little effort to differentiate between a handful of giant corporations and the vast number of normal corporations and companies that operate in America. The fault-finders don’t comprehend that a few rotten apples do not represent the entire crop.

Where the accusers, some of them populists, go recklessly wrong is to lump all companies together, big and small, and then claim they’re all “the enemy” of conservatives. That is absolutely incorrect. There are tens of millions of corporations and companies in this country, most of them led by political-right-of-center owners or executives. Out of 33.4 million businesses in America, there are only a few dozen Big Tech companies and financial services companies, mostly on the east and west coasts, that are publicly siding with leftists and their “woke” ideologies. These are corporate bullies, many of them multi-nationals, with weak-kneed executives who are deathly afraid of offending some bizarre leftist group.
These C-suite inhabitants cave when faced with the slightest leftist threats. Their cowardice causes more potential threats to shareholder value than if they grew a spine and told the wokish “cancel culture” leftists to go jump off the planet.

Most of the social media muckrakers are Democrats, populists or anti-business Republicans, who are doing their best to drive a wedge between the Republican Party and business. They pick a few big companies which have aligned themselves with the political left and try to paint a picture that all corporations are guilty. These muckrakers write hooey stuff saying that “the companies were never with us culturally”, “the corporations have fought for open borders”, “Corporations are not our friends and need to be greeted with a middle finger”. That’s about as divisive and destructive as you can get.

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But here’s what the unthoughtful criticizers of business do not comprehend:

When business leaders get involved in the political process, they don’t enjoy the political insulation of a private citizen. If an individual voter decides to support some candidate, and not to support the opponent who later wins, that individual will most likely not suffer consequences from the person who wins. But many business leaders and their companies don’t have that luxury. We’re vulnerable in that regard. Many businesses or business owners can get hurt, or taxed or regulated more, if they back the wrong candidate, especially if they do business with government agencies, or if they represent clients in front of a governmental body. This includes builders, developers, lawyers, accountants, engineers, consultants, architects, utility companies, etc.

And if their business gets hurt by vengeful politicians, that could affect the fortunes of the company going forward. They can lose contracts, or be on the losing end of the bidding process. It can undermine the lives of employees and their families who rely on the business for jobs. Political decisions by politicians can make or break some industries and some businesses.
Many business leaders need access to lawmakers, to communicate, to persuade them to pass legislation or make rules that help business, and to refrain from laws or ordinances that can harm businesses. It’s hard to have access with the lawmaker who won if you supported the opponent.

Business leaders need to be very careful who and what they support, or oppose. The electability of a candidate becomes a major factor in the campaign. Business people may not be able to back who they really want, if their candidate doesn’t have a good chance of winning. Many politicians are highly vindictive and will try to hurt business leaders who supported their opponents.
So, enough of this “corporations are the enemy” stuff by people who claim to be conservatives. Don’t slam all businesses for the actions of a few.

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