Consumers Research Creates Text Alert System Warning About Woke Products

Consumers Research, a conservative non-profit DC Based company, launched its new Text Alert system on Friday to warn consumers if they are about to purchase a “Woke” product.

By entering their phone number, conservative-minded shoppers will receive text updates on companies that have strayed too far left in their marketing and other strategies.

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“Many corporations are putting progressive activists and their dangerous agendas ahead of customers,” the sign-up page reads. “They’ll only succeed if we look the other way.”

Woke Alert


As of Friday morning, the group had already issued warnings on Bud Light — which recently came under fire from the far right for partnering with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney — and Jack Daniel’s 2021 “Small Town, Big Pride” campaign.

According to Consumers Research, the Woke Alert launch is supported by a six-figure ad campaign to drive interested users.

“We are launching Woke Alerts to help consumers make better-informed decisions about where to spend their money,” executive director Will Hild told the outlet Axios.

“We believe companies should focus on their customers and not woke politicians and progressive activists.”

The left, however, is not enthusiastic about the system.

“I hate to break it to the radical right, but people in this country are a lot more concerned about paying for an eighty-dollar tank of gas than the color of their Budweiser bottle,” Anna Bahr, a political consultant with Left Flank Strategies, told Axios.

“The right wing is hell-bent on moving our country backward, and this new text service is laughable,” Rep. Robert Garcia (D-Calif.) agreed.

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Many people, however, are curious about the group’s funding. Consumers’ Research had an $8 million budget in 2021, the Washington Post reported earlier this year — but the group does not disclose its donors.

In addition to the Woke Alert, the group’s website features a tracker of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) legislation. Consumers’ Research states that the so-called “movement” is another ideological play by the left.

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