Conservative Journalist Shreds Florida Democrats in Hilarious Column

The Florida Democratic Party is in dire straits after a string of losses over the last four years has left them with only one statewide elected official and an overwhelming Republican majority in both houses of the legislature.

Democratic strategists and the media have made it seem like Florida could be in play, even though Charlie Crist is not putting in the work to convince Republican voters.

Last month, the day after he became the Democratic nominee for Governor, Crist said that he ‘did not want the vote’ of Ron DeSantis supporters.

Brian Burgess of The Capitolist said he would encourage Democrat supporters to believe they can win in Florida without putting in work to convert Republicans and moderates.

“I’m here to encourage each and every Florida Democrat to cling to those dreams. Hold on tight. After all, without a strong Florida Democratic Party, Republicans might get complacent and lose their competitive edge. Then they’ll start getting sloppy, even arrogant. And that’s when bad things happen. Then nobody wins.”

Burgess then turned his attention toward abortion. Democrats firmly believe they can juice turnout by capitalizing on the anger caused by Roe v. Wade being overturned. Nikki Fried made it a central theme of her gubernatorial campaign that she was the true ‘pro-choice’ candidate. She ended up losing to Charlie Crist by an overwhelming margin.

“Democrats should continue to invest in this obvious winning issue. Even though Nikki Fried made abortion rights the central theme of her campaign, and even though she got clobbered in an embarrassing fashion by a candidate who’s been on both sides of the issue during his career, that doesn’t mean that abortion won’t be the issue that motivates hundreds of thousands of middle-of-the-road, “no party” voters”

He then discussed the gaslighting that Democrats have been doing to convince voters that there are no economic issues. It was only last month that the White House engaged the media in a war of words over the definition of a recession. Burgess sarcastically says that after Democrats have reassured themselves that the economy is perfectly fine, they can focus on ‘important’ social issues.

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“Democrat allies in the media are doing all they can to reassure moderate voters that there are no economic problems in America right now. And since that concern has been taken off the table, Democrats can freely focus on mainstream progressive issues, like abortion, sexual curriculum in elementary school classrooms, and getting more police officers off our streets so that people are no longer afraid to walk downtown.”

So true, Brian.

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