Congressional Candidate Dan Franzese Busted for Fake Endorsement

Dan Franzese is a Republican congressional candidate in Florida hoping to oust current Congresswoman Lois Frankel for CD 22. Franzese came out with some endorsements that he proudly posted on social media. It looked like a promising start until accusations flew, stating that Franzese lied and didn’t get the endorsements. One of the endorsement letters came from the Boca Raton Republican Club, run by Armand Grossman, who has confirmed that Franzese jumped the gun. Club attorney James Pruden, a former congressional candidate himself, sent a letter to Franzese, demanding he take the endorsement down, and so far, Franzese has ignored the demand. Welcome to campaign season in Palm Beach County, where the sun is bright, but the candidates are sometimes shady. 

Dan Franzese is a Republican congressional candidate running for CD 22, currently held by Lois Frankel, D-Palm Beach County. He is being accused of promoting fake endorsements.

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The fight to unseat long-time Florida Congresswoman Lois Frankel, D-Palm Beach County, is shaping up to be even uglier than that hairdo Frankel has been sporting for the last forty years. Three Republican candidates believe that they are the ones to beat Frankel. Andrew Gutmann is a New York newcomer known as a parental rights advocate. The other two candidates ran against each other for this same seat in 2022. Dan Franzese and Deb Adeimy both work in finance. Adeimy’s family is an old, well-known name in the county. Franzese, also from New York, came out ahead of Adeimy in a race that ended with a recount that he won by the skin of his teeth. It cost him about two million dollars compared to Adeimy’s two hundred thousand, but a win is a win. After clawing his way to the general election, Franzese was thrashed by Frankel 55.1% to 44.9%, and now he and Adeimy are duking it out again. Other than having a new candidate who many say can easily self-fund his race, the difference this time is that Deb Adeimy may be more of a problem for Franzese than anticipated. She’s not going to let him get away with anything. 

Florida Jolt called Franzese to get his side of the story. Franzese and his campaign consultant, Jake Menges, were on the call. It was explained that there are claims that the Boca Raton Republican Club endorsement is fake, and we wanted to know what he has to say about it. Franzese and Menges both seemed to be surprised. They say the endorsement, seen here, is real, and this is the first they’ve heard of any problem.

But Florida Jolt had already seen the cease and desist letter regarding the endorsement of the Franzese campaign from Boca Raton Republican Club board member and attorney Jim Pruden, who also happens to be a former congressional candidate. When asked if they had received a letter from an attorney representing the club, they asked why they would receive any letter, and no, they had yet to get one. They also said this is the first they heard of club President Armand Grossman having an issue.

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They explained that there had been an announcement at an REC (Republican Executive Committee) meeting about the endorsement. One of the board members of the Boca Raton Republican Club, Tony Altieri, was the one who had confirmed and announced the supposed endorsement and even collaborated on writing it. Franzese said that some “rogue board member,” or possibly one of his opponents, must be behind this. The endorsement stands, and Franzese says he’s very proud of it.

Fl Jolt then contacted Jim Pruden, who said that he had spoken with Franzese and Menges and told them they did not have the endorsement and to rescind it immediately. They’ve also both received the written cease and desist letter.

Jim Pruden’s statement;

Dan Franzese acted on his own without any authority or prior discussion with the board and in violation of the organization’s bylaws. He was sanctioned at our board meeting. As general counsel for the organization, I  informed Menges of this by phone, gave him specific instructions not to go forward with this, and warned him of the consequences.

As referenced in my letter, I had an actual discussion with Menges and made it abundantly clear that there was no endorsement, and they were not authorized to make a press release. ~Jim Pruden

The letter can be read in its entirety here.

Fl Jolt also spoke with Boca Raton Republican Club President Armand Grossman, who had this to say;

At no time did we issue an endorsement for Dan Franzese. After a thorough investigation and interview process, only then would we issue an endorsement, and certainly not this early in the process. ~Armand Grossman

Some other Franzese endorsements are now being questioned as well. On top of that, there are many questions about Franzese’s consultant, political operative Jake Menges, who, according to Politico, is a former Giuliani aide who ran a super PAC for former President Trump and filed to lobby for Kosovo in 2019. 

This is a developing story. 

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