CNN ‘Scholars’ Roasted For Saying Constitution a ‘Risk’ to Democracy

A CNN headline went viral on social media this weekend, showcasing how deranged the Left’s top propaganda channel has become. Citing two “scholars,” the network on Saturday identified the latest threat to our democracy: The Constitution.

A news ticker at the bottom of the ‘CNN Newsroom with Jim Acosta’ said,

“Scholars Warn Outdated Constitution Has Put Democracy At Risk”

“That pesky constitution,” one commenter sarcastically remarked on X while sharing a photo of the segment. The user continued in a follow-up post,

“It’s really just a stupid opinion by people who believe it’s easier to change the rules than fight using the ones that have served us reasonably well for two and a half centuries.”

“I wish I could say this is unbelievable but it’s not,” replied another commenter.

“Time to [sweep] that old document out in favor of another old document – the communist manifesto,” wrote the account’ LaughAtLefties.’

“The Constitution was written for the ages. I suggest they find another country to live in, our Republic requires adherence to the document that was ratified by the People. If you want something else, go somewhere else.” ~ C. Richard Archie [@crarchie18972]

“In case no one believes me when I say my teenagers don’t know cursive because CA public schools didn’t want their generation to be able read the original Constitution” ~ Amy Loftus [@iamamyloftus]

“The left doesn’t even hide their disdain for the constitution,” wrote another user.

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On Saturday, CNN host Jim Acosta was joined by Harvard government professors Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt–the authors of ‘Tyranny of the Minority.’ According to the Harvard Gazette, the pair argue that the Constitution “desperately needs updating” and claims that the Republican Party has “lost commitment to [the] democratic rules of the game.”

Ironically, they reportedly “urge institutional reforms” to reshape the Constitution and promote the “rejection of candidates who violate norms.”

In an interview with the Gazette, they also advocated for dismantling the electoral college and reforming the U.S. Senate, which they say would bring us up to speed with our democratic “peers” and make America a more “vibrant” democracy.

“The real test between a loyal and a semi-loyal democrat is: What do they do when a threat to democracy emerges in their own camp? A loyal democrat is willing to cross the aisle and work with political rivals to isolate and defeat authoritarians.” ~ Steve Levitsky to The Harvard Gazette

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“Our Founders and our Constitution > today’s so-called ‘scholars’ and ‘experts,'” responded Chad Gilmartin, a former deputy press secretary for the Trump administration.

“If there’s such broad consensus that the constitution is ‘outdated,’ there shouldn’t be any problem gathering the support to amend it, right?” commented attorney Charles Calenda.

“No better showing of why people are concerned about the education system. They’re producing such ‘scholars.’ Scholars and academia have put the Constitution at risk,”

“Does someone want to tell them we’re a constitutional republic?”

“Destroying any resemblance of what used to be the United States is their sole mission”

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