CNN Panelist Unleashes on Kamala Harris Over Her Most Brazen Lie Yet

CNN political commentator Scott Jennings joined the chorus of criticism against Kamala Harris this week after the Vice President pushed her most brazen lie yet about Florida’s curriculum on slavery.

Jennings appeared on the network’s “State of the Union” show on Sunday. Host Dana Bash asked the guest panel about the Vice President’s public image, prompting Jennings to call her out for her most recent lie.

“Well, it’s amazing to me that how little Kamala Harris has to do that she can read something on Twitter one day and be on an airplane the next to make something literally out of nothing,” Jennings told the panel.

“This is a completely made-up deal. I looked at the standards, I even looked at an analysis of the standards, in every instance where the word slavery or slave was used. I even read the statement of the African American scholars that wrote the standards. Not Ron DeSantis, but the scholars. Everybody involved in this says this is completely a fabricated issue and yet look at how quickly Kamala Harris jumped on it. So the fact that this is her best moment, a fabrication matter, is pretty ridiculous.”

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Harris gave a speech on Friday in Jacksonville where she falsely claimed that Florida’s new middle school curriculum would teach students that black people “benefited from slavery.”

“Just yesterday in the state of Florida they decided middle school students will be taught that enslaved people benefited from slavery. They insult us in an attempt to gaslight us, and we will not stand for it,” ~ Kamala Harris

The new curriculum was approved on Wednesday. It states that “Instruction includes how slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit.”

Very shortly after the speech, the Vice President came under heavy fire from critics for deliberately mischaracterizing the new curriculum.

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“I read through FL’s new curriculum. It is difficult to convey the astonishing extent to which Kamala Harris is lying about it,” National Review writer Charles C.W. Cooke responded on Twitter. According to his research, the Florida curriculum referenced ‘slavery’ a total of 191 times.

“I am afraid that there is simply no way of perusing this course and concluding that it ‘gaslights’ people or whitewashes slavery. It is comprehensive and blunt. Harris is lying to a degree that is impressive even for her.” ~ Charles C.W. Cooke

Harris’ comment also prompted a response from Governor DeSantis, who accused the Vice President and her party of trying to “indoctrinate” children and push “sexual topics” into the classroom.

“Democrats like Kamala Harris have to lie about Florida’s educational standards to cover for their agenda of indoctrinating students and pushing sexual topics onto children.” ~ Gov. Ron DeSantis

“Florida stands in their way, and we will continue to expose their agenda and their lies,” he added.

Florida GOP Chair Christian Ziegler also pushed back against Harris’ comments, criticizing the White House for ignoring the border crisis and allowing fentanyl to pour into the country.

“Instead of visiting the border and stopping the millions of illegal aliens and fentanyl pouring across our border, The Border Czar has hopped on the first flight down to Florida in order to lecture Floridian parents that their children belong to the government and the government has a right to indoctrinate and sexualize our children. The government overreach on parental rights has already been overwhelmingly rejected in Florida, and we hope the other 49 states will join with us by telling the Biden Administration to go pound sand,” ~ Christian Ziegler

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