Clogged Toilet Results in 5 Arrested at Papa Bees Restaurant in Longwood

Five women were arrested over the weekend after clogging a toilet at a Papa Bees restaurant in Longwood, and sparking a melee after staff told them to leave.

According to a report by News 6 WKMG, police were called to the restaurant at 9:50 pm on Saturday after receiving word that a large fight had broken out at the chicken wing restaurant. Upon arrival, police discovered that one of the workers had been attacked by a group of five customers.

According to the arrest report reviewed by WKMG, the five women were the only customers in the restaurant at the time when the waitstaff discovered one of the toilets had been “stuffed with toilet paper in excess.” The worker alleged that one of the women had been in the restroom just shortly before the discovery.

It was at that point that the worker instructed the customers to leave, telling them that their food had already been paid for and that the restaurant was closed. The employee reportedly told the group that she “was aware” that one of them had clogged the toilet on purpose.

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Jahleigha Smith, 20; Kenisha Charles, 18; Keiyanda Charles, 24; Jasmine Cline, 26; Tyesha Charles, 19

After being instructed to leave, the women reportedly became angry, with one of them standing up and punching the frustrated employee in the face. The report states that the other four women then decided to “join in the punching, kicking, pulling hair, and throwing items at (the worker),” according to WKMG. Other staff were reportedly hit with cups and salt shakers thrown by the women as the employees tried to stop the brawl.

The five women eventually tried to flee the scene by escaping through the back of the building, but were caught and arrested by the Longwood Police Department. The five women taken into custody included Keiyanda Charles, 24; Kenisha Charles, 18; Tyesha Charles, 19; Jasmine Cline, 26; and Jahleigha Smith, 20.

All of them were booked at the Seminole County Jail and charged with disorderly conduct, battery, and criminal mischief.

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The women reportedly told police that they were the victims, and that the “very rude and disrespectful” employee had approached them while they were sitting at a table and told them to leave. They alleged that the worker shoved Cline as they were getting up to leave, prompting the other employees to attack them.

Investigators later reviewed surveillance footage, however, and say it corroborates the employee’s side of the events.

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