Climate Lunatic Hijacks Sen. Hawley Speech, Gets Dragged Off Stage While Crowd Laughs

A speech by Senator Josh Hawley, R-MO, was hijacked on Thursday when a deranged climate activist stormed the stage. Hawley had been speaking at the Heritage Foundation about the need for a tougher U.S. approach to China. The event was entitled China and Ukraine: A Time for Truth.

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“The Uniparty’s claims were catastrophic mistakes,” Hawley told the crowd, referring to the foreign policy of the W. Bush administration. “After joining the WTO, China succeeded. The Chinese Party took full advantage of and access to global markets. To enrich who? Itself.”

Hawley is one of several U.S. lawmakers raising alarm bells over a growing Chinese threat to the United States. Last month, he introduced the No TikTok on United States Devices Act to counter Chinese spying efforts on American citizens through the Beijing-based social media app TikTok.

“The Chinese Communist Party got rich, and the Chinese economy boomed. They built their military on the backs of our middle class. And now that military is not only massive but increasingly modernized is poised for a cross street invasion of Taiwan—”
Hawley stopped as a woman climbed onto the stage. She unfurled a poster with the words “PEOPLE AND PLANET NOT WAR AND AGGRESSION” and began screaming at the crowd.

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“We have the largest military in the world!” She shouted. “We spend over $1 trillion every year in this state! Your state of Missouri is over half of the people are in poverty! China is not our enemy, the climate crisis is!”

The crowd erupted into laughter. A staff member at the event grabbed the activist’s arm, trying to drag her from the stage. She started to shriek louder.

“We need to get serious about the climate crisis. We need diplomacy in Ukraine and in China. We are continuing to have more aggression with China, and we are spending more of our military than 100 countries combined.” She then reiterated, “The climate crisis is our common threat!” before being dragged through the exit by security.

The activist was later identified as Olivia DiNucci with the women’s social justice group Code Pink. The organization blogged about the incident, calling Senator Hawley “immoral” for “advocating for war” with China. They accused “people like Hawley” of perpetuating systemic racism.

“We need reparations for countries we’ve helped devastate. We need diplomacy and peace now!”

Hawley seemed unbothered by the distraction. After DiNucci was removed from the room, Hawley joked,

“It’s interesting. This administration wants to use the climate crisis as a justification for its agenda in Ukraine and elsewhere. Maybe they ought to visit with that gal.”

During his Feb. 7 State of the Union address, Joe Biden characterized implementing green energy policy as a matter of common sense. His administration has preferred a soft approach to China, reversing Trump’s executive order to ban TikTok and allowing Chinese firms to purchase farmland near American military sites. In response to the recent violation of U.S. airspace by a Chinese surveillance balloon, Kamala Harris said Tuesday she did not believe it was a serious issue.

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According to the World Bank, China produces 27 percent of global carbon dioxide and a third of global greenhouse gas emissions.

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