Clay County School Board cuts father’s mic for reading ‘pornographic’ classroom material

A Clay County, Florida School District father’s mic was cut off when stating that the content in which he was reading was “pornographic” as he tried to expose the material he claimed was in local schools to the county school board.

The father, Bruce Friedman, told Fox News digital “These books are so vile that reading any excerpt that I captured will end this interview.” Friedman is the President of Florida’s No Left Turn in Education, a group whose purpose is to expose indoctrination in U.S public schools.

Friedman raised concern over a book titled “Lucky” by Alice Sebold, which contains a story of a college girl who was raped and includes details of the attack. Fox News reports that the online library software in both Fleming Island High School and Orange Park High School in Clay County included the title “Lucky.”

“Somebody failed drastically in their mission to protect children,” said Friedman. “As soon as I announced that I was going to read from some books that parents… found in the public school libraries that are clearly pornographic, [they] had the mic cut off.”

Friedman was quickly told by the school board that he was not allowed to read “pornography” on the broadcast, as it would be a violation of the law. Friedman was told that “There are federal and state laws that prohibit you from saying the things that you’re getting out to say on television. There are state laws that prohibit in federal communications laws that prohibit you from publishing these things to a child”, in an ironic twist, since the material read allowed was intended for school children.

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Friedman has become an advocate against these forms of material being taught in public school systems. A father to a 15-year-old son, Friedman proclaimed that the school system his child was put under in New York had done “considerable harm” to him, stating that “It took five years, in my opinion, to put him back on the right track” while interviewed by Fox News Digital.

Aside from school curriculum, Friedman spoke out against Drag Queen Story Hour performers, claiming “We shouldn’t be asking whether or not it’s okay for our children to sit in on a drag queen story hour, we should be asking why the drag queens want an audience of children.”

Support for Friedman has already grown on social media platforms.


Friedman spoke out against modern public school instruction, claiming that, according to the New York Post, “Anything that sterilizes children, weakens the family, or otherwise overwhelms and burdens society to the point where people would be desperate and would fall naturally to rely on their government is their goal.” As of late, teachers in Florida have begun to agree.

Florida teacher rips school district’s gender policies

‘All of that is the same junk. And all of it is designed to divide us and make us hate each other. Our children deserve better. They should be taught reading, writing, arithmetic” said Friedman, crediting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his policies that has put the children of public schools in Florida first.

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