Christina Pushaw on Miami Herald Layoffs: ‘Try Doing Journalism’

The Miami Herald inched closer to the scrap pile this week, with its newsroom facing a string of layoffs courtesy of parent company McClatchy. The liberal tabloid has floundered in recent years, having cut roughly 80 percent of its workforce and nearly 90 percent of its circulation, according to one employee. A statement from newsroom union One Herald Guild blames the layoffs on various factors, including “greedy” attempts to line executives’ pockets, that come at a cost to “crucial reporting.”

Top DeSantis aide Christina Pushaw had little sympathy for the Herald but did offer one suggestion,

Try doing journalism. Nobody wants to pay you for your left wing political activism, we hear that all day for free.

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In a self-important statement, One Herald Guild wrote that the layoffs would come at a severe cost to “quality local journalism.”

“We are angry and saddened to say that our hedge-fund owned parent company, [McClatchy], has announced layoffs of six Miami Herald and el Nuevo Herald staffers. The company says cutting journalists makes our journalism stronger. We don’t buy it.

[E]liminating these positions will directly harm our ability to produce quality local journalism… The company wants to put 6 journalists out of work and call that an improvement.”

But many readers seemed to agree with McClatchy, arguing that the layoffs are an improvement.

“Pro tip: as long as garbage tabloid writers such as [Fabiola Santiago] are still employed by [Miami Herald] it’s financial pain will continue. The whole glorified tabloid that is The Herald needs to be gutted and brought back to life with actual journalists” – @MisterCommodity

“Never forget that [Miami Herald] did not fire [Fabiola Santiago] for wishing death on Floridians that are not her fellow Democrats,” posted another reader, alongside a screenshot of Santiago’s now-deleted comments from 2020.
“Packed beaches should work nicely to thin the ranks of Trump/DeSantis/Gimenez supporters in #Florida who value money over health.

Santiago later said she was “just trying to open eyes, minds and save lives, not create a controversy.”

“That’s why I don’t feel sorry for Miami Herald with the struggles they’re facing now. What goes around comes around,” Pushaw said on Wednesday.

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Other commenters pointed out the Herald’s most recent controversy after they ran cover for serial liar Rebekah Jones and claimed that her 13-year-old son had been “arrested over memes” in a headline earlier this month. Jones had claimed that police had taken her son on the orders of Governor Ron DeSantis before it was soon revealed that the boy had made credible threats to shoot up his school.

FloridaJolt covered the same story as the Herald, but with a very different headline

Son of Florida Data Fudging Rebekah Jones Arrested for Threats to Shoot Up Middle School, Stab Students


“Those journalists who were so quick to declare millions of Americans’ livelihoods as ‘nonessential’ should not expect sympathy from those Americans when their own newspapers declare their journalism jobs’ nonessential,'” Pushaw said in 2022 after liberal mouthpiece Sun Sentinel announced they would also be facing layoffs.

“I don’t rejoice when people lose their jobs, even media activists. The good news is that Florida’s economy is booming, plenty of work in dining & hospitality. You know, the industries these journalists constantly lobbied to shut down.”

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