Christina Pushaw and Twitterverse tear apart Biden’s lower gas price brag

In a recent Tweet from President Biden’s Twitter account, Biden pats himself on the back for a small decline in gas prices across the country. The Tweet was savaged by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Press Secretary Christina Pushaw and widely mocked by the Twitterverse.

The post from the Biden Administration claims that gas prices have been on the decline for the past 34 days, about 50 cents a gallon, saving the average driver around $25 per month. Biden then referred to these savings as “breathing room,” saying that he and his administration are “not done working to get prices even lower.”

The tweet sparked a response from many, including Ron DeSantis’ Press Secretary, Christina Pushaw. Pushaw gave President Biden scrutiny for the lack of honesty in the President’s message. As she puts it herself, since the start of the Biden Administration, gas prices have increased by $3, yet prices have only decreased by a fraction of that margin since. Albeit less money, with inflation records breaking 40-year highs at 9.1% and gas prices still higher than a year ago today, the American people are not yet at “breathing room.”

Pushaw continued to elaborate that the dishonesty from the Biden Administration is perhaps by design since they want Americans to perceive their performance to date as help, claiming “this is why Democrats want kids to learn CRT & gender unicorns instead of math.”

“Such primitive propaganda only works on people who are too ignorant to do basic elementary level math. Unfortunately that’s a lot of people, because of how dumbed down the education system has become.” ~Pushaw 

Responses to the President have not been holding back. With one response, a user on Twitter points out the hypocrisy behind not blaming the President for rising gas prices, yet giving the President credit when prices subside at a lower rate than what they increased, thus claiming that American are ultimately saving money. Pushaw responded to these statements, describing them as “Democrat logic”.

The Biden Administration has been very adamant over the narrative that the recent rise in gas prices are a product of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Last month, Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s Press Secretary, made a statement regarding such conflict, stating “The president has been working for the past several months on doing everything that he can to give relief. We have to remember how we got here, what is the cause, you know, Putin’s war, we call it Putin’s tax hike has caused gas prices to go up $2 per gallon,” she said.”

The continuous rise in gas prices, which began months prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, is not the only issue American’s are dealing with, which is what Pushaw’s point seems to be. In a direct response to President Biden, Pushaw reminds Biden about the rise of grocery prices and the average spending by month that Americans have endured since his Administration was sworn into the Oval Office. As a result, to Pushaw, a minor decrease in gas prices is nothing to boast over.

Other users have taken the time on Twitter to remind their audience that Americans are not saving money, just spending less than what they once were.

Ron DeSantis took the time to criticize Biden’s energy policies regarding gas prices. After Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia, DeSantis spoke out and made a statement regarding the dependence on other countries for American energy.

“How come it’s wrong to produce our own oil and gas here, but you can go to Saudi Arabia and fist-bump to try to get it from Saudi? I mean, it makes no sense… We have the opportunities here to be energy independent.”

~ Ron DeSantis

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