Chris Nelson: Florida’s Fiery Freedom Warrior

Chris Nelson is not afraid to ask politicians tough questions. During the first few months of the COVID-19 shutdown, he demanded answers from Broward County officials, asking, “Why is it OK to go to Walmart during the shutdown, but I can’t go to church or the beach? By what authority did these people shut things down? What right did they have to put these rules into effect?”

Chris NelsonNelson, who works in the entertainment industry, is a self-proclaimed “Freedom Fighter” who frequently attends public demonstrations to confront the hypocrisy of elected officials. “I’m just a regular guy who wants to reveal the truth about the obtuseness of politicians,” he said. Nelson’s passion for the rights of Broward County citizens took flight during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. His outspoken advocacy continues in criticizing the “gender handbook” of the school district and fighting for the unborn’s rights.

The first Reopen Florida Rally held in Orlando during the spring of 2020 paved the way for Nelson’s crusade against COVID-19 shutdowns. “At that time, people thought we would get arrested; they thought it was illegal to leave your house.”

On July 4, 2020, Nelson brought national media attention to Ft. Lauderdale when he led a protest against closing Florida beaches, “We were there to walk on the beach as granted to us in the First Amendment of the Constitution; we defied the mayor’s order, and we walked on the beach. People thought that congregating was now illegal, and I was out in public proving that we still have our rights.”

“We have a constitutional right to the freedom of religion and the right to assemble,” he said. The government cannot infringe on these rights. Even if COVID-19 was the worst virus in human history, they still can’t prohibit you from going to church.”

Nelson led an anti-mask demonstration at a Target in Ft. Lauderdale on Sept. 15, 2020. He and a dozen supporters called; Storm the Store and played the Twisted Sister song “We’re Not Gonna Take It” as they loudly encouraged other shoppers to ditch their facemasks. The Florida mask mandate was in effect at the time of the protest but was rescinded two weeks later.

“On the first anniversary of the Broward County mask mandate, I organized the Million Maskless March in Ft. Lauderdale,” Nelson said. “One month later, Gov. Ron DeSantis issued an order ending local mask mandates in Florida. My friend, Mike Carnevale, who owns a gym in Plantation, got arrested three times for not requiring masks at his gym. I videoed the arrests and brought them to the governor’s attention, who pardoned him.”

Chris Nelson

Nelson challenges the semantics of health department officials, “We have a flu season every year, but since 2020, apparently, no flu cases are being reported, just COVID-19. Additionally, all the back and forth on facemasks just highlights the confusion and conflicting information surrounding the whole situation.”

He takes issue with Broward County Public School’s (BCPS) LGBTQ Critical Support Guide, which states, “Transgender students shall have access to the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity asserted at school or the restroom that makes them feel safe and comfortable.” The policy also asserts a similar ideology for school-sponsored overnight field trips. “If students are to be separated based on gender, the transgender student should be allowed to room with peers that match their gender identity.”

“God created man and woman. Now, we’re seeing a blatant anti-God theology injected into our schools,” -Chris Nelson

Nelson said. “This ‘non-binary student handbook’ from the BCPS says that boys as young as 10 or 11 can shower with girls if they identify as girls and vice versa. If boys identify as girls, they can be accommodated to room with girls. This policy is happening as young as the fifth-grade level. It’s disgusting.”

Chris Nelson

Nelson calls out the hypocrisy of liberals who set one standard on abortion and a different standard on COVID-19. “Why does the ‘My Body, My Choice’ argument apply to killing unborn babies, but the same reasoning doesn’t apply to forcing people to get a COVID-19 shot? What happened to the ‘My Body, My Choice’ reasoning then?”

He accuses the local media of ramping up issues on the liberal agenda and making news instead of covering events as they happen. “The media acts as a mouthpiece for the county commission and the school board. As I’m watching the commission meetings, I notice that the media isn’t reporting on what’s happening. For example, I am the only person, to my knowledge, that reported on the $800,000 pay increase approved by the Broward County Commissioners.”

Chris NelsonNelson is a top contributor to the Free Florida website (, which operates through donations. Not working as a paid employee allows him the freedom to investigate relevant political issues in Broward County and South Florida. “My effectiveness comes from the fact that I am not part of a national organization, I don’t have to answer to a board, and I don’t fundraise. A grassroots effort doesn’t occur by making monthly donations; it happens when people go to commission meetings and school board meetings. Change happens when people get actively involved.”

Chris Nelson: Twitter @ReOpenChris, on Telegram, Chris Nelson Uncensored, and on his community site,

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