Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo Blames GOP for Debt Ceiling Crisis

Chris Cuomo, who jumped to NewsNation to host a show after leaving CNN, opened  Thursday night by claiming it was GOP “brinksmanship” holding up a debt ceiling deal, labeling it “political terrorism.”

Cuomo argued that the recent mutual negotiations after Biden’s initial no-compromise position was endangering the global economy and America’s credit rating and suggested it was the Republicans who made the debt ceiling debate “rabid” ever since 2011.

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Cuomo, cast as a centrist in the Newsmax host lineup, prefaced his comments by saying, “Both sides have done this,” before launching an extended attack on Republicans. “But to be fair, the GOP has done it more and more recently in ways that are ugly and obvious,” he said. “This is politics of the worst kind. It is the game. And here we expose it so you can decide whether or not you want to oppose it.”


Cuomo went so far as to claim that the “brinksmanship is comparable to “the Cold War. We did with the Cuban Missile Crisis. But these days, we’re doing it more and more of our favorite enemy: ourselves.” Cuomo said this was an intentional Republican strategy to push America closer to disaster.

“So, spending is a legitimate debate but not like this. This is just bad brinksmanship. That’s all the debt ceiling, you know, kind of daring-do is about pushing to the precipice of a conflict that threatens all of us.”

For context, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy’s debt ceiling proposal requires the federal government to spend less than 2022, the highest spending year in United States history. Other budgetary measures include requiring the able-bodied to work to receive welfare, incentivizing energy independence, and other propositions tailored to balance the books.

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According to Cuomo, requiring these measures before approving more spending is inappropriate.

“So, the current negotiations that center on Republican proposals to impose work requirements for some recipients of federal benefits, lasting caps on federal spending – like that’s going to happen – and loosen permitting rules for fossil fuel energy projects. They’re all fine. Have the debate, make it public, but don’t hurt us all in the process.”

Towards the end of the speech, however, Cuomo knocked Biden for his refusal to negotiate, somewhat contradicting his implication that the Republicans were wrong to come with demands.

“Now, another point of irony, Biden was a negotiator for Obama back in 2011 and he said he learned that a president should never negotiate on paying for spending that has already occurred. Don’t negotiate about the debt ceiling. It’s basically political terrorism……  Shame on them. But shame on Biden too. And I’m not both-sides-ing it. He said he learned the lesson. He obviously forgot it.”

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